Eastleigh By-Election Prediction…

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Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg Visits Eastleigh Ahead Of The Eastleigh By-election

My topline prediction is: –


The Lib Dems should hang on to Eastleigh despite challenges from UKIP and the Tories. UKIP should in edge out the Tories to take second place as they seem to have spent serious money on campaigning in Eastleigh. With the exception of Labour the major parties have fielded very “safe” (read dull) candidates which will ultimately have helped the incumbent Lib Dems. I would predict that the fallout from Eastleigh will not be that great short term as the Tories and Labour both gear up for the Budget. However, if the Tories do not win Eastleigh then the Budget becomes much more important for the blue half of the Coalition and for David Cameron.

Jarvis Cocker vs. Michael Jackson at The Brits…

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The footage was shown on TFI Friday later in the week. All too easy for Cocker in the interview with Chris Evans.

Chris De Burgh- “A Spaceman Came Travelling”…

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Merry Christmas to you all:).

Slam Featuring Dot Allison – “Visions” (Vitalic Remix)…

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Truly magnificent.

2012 US Election Prediction Map…

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My US Election Prediction in map form courtesy of NBC.

2012 US Election Prediction…

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My topline prediction is- OBAMA 290 ROMNEY 248

Although Romney will likely take Florida, I don’t see him taking Ohio, Virginia or Wisconsin. If Obama takes those three States, he will almost certainly be re-elected as President. Obama’s better ground game will be crucial in returning him to office as well.

As for the popular vote, I see it as a dead heat. Large amounts of the East Coast will probably stay at home due to disenfranchisement with the incumbent due to to Superstorm Sandy. This will mean that the Democrat vote will be suppressed somewhat.

This election in numerical terms will nigh on be a repeat of 2004 and not as close (at least in Electoral College Votes) as 2000.

Boris Johnson’s 2012 Conference Speech…

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Too good for just one Youtube video.

David Cameron on Letterman…

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The interview starts around sixteen minutes in. I’d give Cameron 7/10 for his performance in the interview as a whole.

Boris Johnson’s Athletes’ Parade Speech…

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Simply majestic.

Clint Eastwood and “Barack Obama”…

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Who seemed to have morphed into a chair. Truly baffling stuff.

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