Should have been big…

In this post I shall highlight records that I believe should have reached the upper echelons of the charts- but didn’t for whatever reason.

Hollis P. Monroe – “I’m Lonely” (XL Recordings)

“Lonely” had all the right ingredients for a pop hit, a definable musical hook, a decent vocal and a Terrence Trent D’Arby (yes him in the hat) sample. It sounds as good today as it did back in 1999 and is easily better than much of the “Electro” about at the moment. The problem is that for whatever reason it never got signed to a major label and onto daytime radio play lists so ultimately flopped when released. 

Felix Da Housecat – “Silver Screen Shower Scene” (City Rockers)

This is arguably one of the most popular house records of the past ten years, with nearly every major/not so major DJ playing it, from Judge Jules to Jeff Mills. It had a wicked remix by Laurent Garnier which I believe is his last to date, as well as a Ghostbusters-esque update from Stuart Price a year later. “Silver Screen Shower Scene” was pushed by the label heavily, but possibly failed as it was a bit ahead of it’s time. Look for a re-release soon then.

Dave Clarke – “The Compass” (Skint)

“The Compass” was a bit of a departure for Clarke, very typical of his DJ sets at the time where he was playing house as well as techno in his usual quick fire, hip hop manner. Skint decided to take Clarke under their wing after a long running legal battle with his previous label, which meant “The Compass” stayed on a German promo for well over a year before getting a full release. “The Compass” didn’t chart highly due to the record being on promo so long and Skint’s inability to push the record onto national playlists.


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