DJ Tutor – Help or Hindrance?…

I don’t usually like to criticize people but I believe that this needs saying. For all of the good that he is doing for those just starting out DJing, the “DJ Tutor” (if you don’t know who he is or what he does visit his website is becoming far too prominent in all of our (superstar;)) DJ lives.

The first case in point is the video above- how to do a spinback on a CDJ (, which in it’s simplest form is grabbing the platter of the CDJ and errr… spinning it back at the end of the bar ( This process should take to explain I would say two or three minutes at the most, as although it’s a slightly advanced DJ technique, it’s hardly DMC World DJ Championship ( winning turntablism;). The video above is part one of five- yes, part one of five. The other four videos are spent doing exactly the same technique or messing about with hats, which doesn’t make you a better DJ. Sorry Boy George;). A tutor in my opinion should teach concisely so that their students can progress quickly, not spend a large proportion of their time with comedy or repeating themselves. In a nutshell, many of the videos on his site are needlessly there, wasting everyone’s time and are not that funny to boot.

I wouldn’t mind so much if the “DJ Tutor” was doing this for free. I’m pretty certain he isn’t- you can book him via his website and the amount of DJ gear he has gained via his notoriety looks to be increasing by the video. If this isn’t the case then someone please correct me. However, I don’t blame the “DJ Tutor” entirely for this situation, DJ Magazine has to take some of the blame as well.

DJ Magazine ( is a monthly magazine devoted to DJing and DJ culture. As it’s one of only three monthly dance music monthly magazines available, it’s an important media outlet for the DJ community. The “DJ Tutor” is described as a “Youtube Superstar” in the latest issue of DJ Magazine, a more fitting description would be “Semi Pro DJ Who Posts A Lot Of Meandering Videos On Youtube”. But that would take up too much space;). DJ Magazine has put the “DJ Tutor” on some type of pedestal, a pedestal that he is the authority on DJing for the beginner. He clearly isn’t, and I wish that DJ Magazine would acknowledge this.

His catchphrase “Practise and N Joy” annoys me as well, simply because of the misspelling of “Enjoy”. I think that he is trying to reference the artist who produced rave classic “Anthem”. These guys where called “N-Joi” and not “N Joy”. Yes its pedantic of me to say this, but if you are reaching thousands of people on a daily basis then I feel it’s your duty to spell words correctly:).

The point of this post is to say that there are other far better tutorials out there. A couple of resources that I would recommend are: – and the excellent book “How To DJ (Properly)” which can be bought here: – and at all other good book stores:). They will allow you to get concise information which will help you progress quickly. Check out forums on DJing as well- the one that I visit regularly is By all means check out, but be aware that you may waste a bit of time trying to find what you are after. I’m happy to have got that off my chest, rant over:).


2 Responses to “DJ Tutor – Help or Hindrance?…”

  1. DJ Marco B Says:

    I don’t like your article at all. It’s OK to have an opinion, but you were rather spitting on the man without giving obvious reasons.

    I mean, firstly you say, you would explain spinback in two, three minutes, while he does that throughout five videos. But, does that make his technique useless? And, it’s better for me to watch five videos in a row, than to watch the same 2-3 min video five times!

    OK, I can accept this previous as a legit critique. But the rest!? Why is the man bad for having shit load of equipment and making a business? How else do you think he would sustain for heaven sake, when he’s making videos all day long? Also, where did you get the idea that a magazine with such reputation as “DJ mag” would put some “crap” on pedestal? Why don’t they put you in the magazine, when you know so much? The catchphrase annoys you? Oh, I’m so sorry…

    “The point of this reply is to say is that” you need to do much better than that what you did, to write a useful critique on somebody’s work. In general, writing a critique is good, but talking rubbish without giving a reason is at least immature and on the other hand and makes people lose faith in your judgment!


    DJ Marco B

  2. DJ Energetic Says:

    i do not agree. yes, that video is a bit long, and yes there are five of them. but so what? people like him, so do i, and i started doing mixes because of him. he teached me the basics with humor so that i wouldn’t get bored because i didn’t know anything about Djing.

    but so what if i won’t win the championship with a spinback? i don’t want to win the championship. and he isn’t teaching people how to win the championship. he has said in more than a few videos that he isn’t the best DJ in the world. he is just trying to teach new people to the scene a few techniques to get started. and have fun at the same time.

    and yes, he has a lot of equipment, but did you know that being a DJ pays well? and that he has a second job at the police force? and you can save money you know, it’s not like he has new equipment in every movie.

    and DJ mag does have quite a reputation you know, and if they would like to put “crap” in their mag, let them. you’re not the boss.

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