WWE One Night Stand Thoughts…

Quick thoughts on the One Night Stand that took place last night in Baltimore: –

Falls Count Anywhere – Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga

Sensible choice for the opener but really a standard type hardcore match with a totally unbelievable ending. Hardy hitting a Swanton onto concrete for the win was a step too far, even with the clever camera work. Although it had a frankly contrived ending, it wasn’t a bad brawl so **.

Singapore Cane match – Tommy Dreamer vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Chavo Guerrero w/Bam Neeley vs. The Big Show

This was surprisingly good, and the smart booking to make everyone except Tommy Dreamer look strong. John Morrison taking the cane shot mid air was the highlight for me, as was the tower of doom towards the end of the match. It’s a shame Dreamer was decimated in the finish by The Big Show, but they had to put over The Big Show huge as to build the title match with Kane at Night of Champions, apart from that this was an easy *** from me for the innovative spots.

First Blood – JBL vs. John Cena

This was a very dull yet solid brawl between these two. JBL really needs to step up his game when facing opponents like John Cena, as he could be shoved down the card after the upcoming draft. I was hoping for a repeat of their Judgement Day 2005 I Quit match, but instead the match just seemed empty with the finish hurting it a lot. The way that JBL lost with a blood capsule in his mouth instead of being busted open meant that it seemed a bit of a cop out climax to a heavily hyped match. Still, not actively bad so ** from me.

I Quit – Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

One of the better women’s matches in recent memory that completed the face turn of Melina and put Phoenix as the dominant force in the division. Great finish to this as well to put over both women. I can see that after this win Phoenix will beat Mickie James at Night of Champions, allowing for both faces to chase for the title again. An easy **½ from me.

Stretcher Match – HBK vs. Batista

The usual big man vs. Shawn Michaels match which worked well. I liked the injection of Jericho into this match, as it added another dimension to it and a possible rematch between himself and Michaels in the next couple of weeks. The finish put Batista over as a man that set out what he wanted to achieve after his loss at Backlash, and getting revenge on Michaels for “feigning” an injury in the cruelest possible manner by a sick spinebuster to the steel steps. Good work from both men plus Jericho so ***½.

Last Man Standing – HHH vs. Randy Orton

Not much to say about this only that it was never looking like a classic even before the injury to Orton. There was no real need for Triple H to hit him with the sledgehammer for the finish, as at this point he is still a face. Overall I’d have to rate it at **.

TLC Match – The Undertaker vs. Edge

Match of the night without a doubt, even though there were very few new spots that we haven’t seen before. The finish was overbooked a little, but as The Undertaker was losing on PPV he needed a slightly screwy ending to look strong. Not sure who Edge feuds with after his win, perhaps Jericho if he moves across to Smackdown. Even though it was not that innovative and the ending was overbooked it was a great effort by all involved- ****.

Overall this was a strong PPV with emphasis on wrestling which seems to be a trend in recent months. I’d order the replay if I was in America or watch it on Sky Sports tonight :).


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