WWE Draft Thoughts Part One…

The WWE is having it’s now yearly shake-up on Monday of the three rosters. I’m not entirely sure what form the actual draft picks are going to take, although I think they may go for a “random” draw, which I sincerely hope not as it’s so contrived. Well as contrived as wrestling can get;).

For my thoughts on who is going where I’ve decided to give each roster two wrestlers from each brand. So each brand will lose four wrestlers but obviously gain four in return, which will provide twelve draft picks in total. On with who I think should go where then:).

Raw to ECW

Umaga – Umaga needs to move to progress, in ECW he can be the brand’s top heel, teaming up with Estrada again if needs be. An ECW title run would be entirely plausible by the end of the year.

Hardcore Holly – With the imminent loss of the tag belts Holly could get lost in the shuffle on Raw. Moving him to ECW means that he can wrestle week in week out, and allow the younger wrestlers on the brand a rub from him.

Raw to Smackdown

Chris Jericho – At the moment Jericho has no hope of getting a run with the WWE Title, as there are at least three wrestlers ahead of him with a better chance of holding the belt. A heel turn and a few big wins could mean that Jericho could be holding the World Title if he switches brands.

Jeff Hardy – Hardy is in an even worse position than Jericho as he is a distant third face on Raw, behind Cena and Triple H. Switching him over would mean that he would instantly be the No.1 contender for the World Title. Also a possible match with Mysterio would certainly be a draw.

ECW to Raw

CM Punk – Punk has the Money in the Bank title shot and the WWE Title certainly has more prestige than the ECW Title. He would have to turn heel and be content with a short reign, as Cena or Triple H logically cannot be without the title for very long. He could have fantastic matches with Shawn Michaels on Raw as a heel before or after his title reign.

Elijah Burke – Burke can wrestle, he can talk and he is a credible mid card heel on ECW. However he needs to move to further his aspirations, and could easily hold the Intercontinental Title by late summer if he switches to Raw.

ECW to Smackdown

Chavo Guerrero – Guerrero needs to move to keep the La Familia stable alive as Smackdown and ECW won’t be touring together after July.

Bam Neely – Neely needs to move for exactly the same reasons as Guerrero, and isn’t major player in ECW anyway.

Smackdown to ECW

Big Show – Show is still officially listed as being a Smackdown wrestler despite showing up on all three brands since his return. A decent feud between Show and Umaga over the ECW title would be interesting if both moved to ECW.

Kenny Dykstra – Dykstra looked last year as if he may get a decent push on Smackdown, however he has since dropped off the face of the wrestling world. Putting him on ECW allows him to wrestle both veterans and rookies week in, week out. If he were to move it would invigorate his career and put him solidly in the mid-card on ECW.

Smackdown to Raw

MVP – MVP is very likely to move as he is more suited to Raw, where the emphasis is entertainment and not wrestling. Raw doesn’t have many top tier heels right now, so a move would help him get out of the mid-card and into the main event scene.

Batista – Batista needs to turn heel if he were to move to Raw, where there is an instant money match between himself and Cena given the right build.

In Part Two I will look at the free agents of the draft, and where they should go.


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