WWE Draft Thoughts Part Two…

The first part is located here:). In the second part I shall look at the wrestlers who aren’t really assigned to a brand at the moment via injury, inactivity and not being called up to the main roster yet. On with who should be drafted where:).


Chris Harris – Harris found fame as a tag team wrestler in TNA. The likelihood of the WWE putting him with a partner is unlikely as he is certainly a decent worker and an asset for the future in the company. Putting him on Raw would allow him to develop his mic skills, which are average at best. By the end of the year he should be challenging for the Intercontinental Title given the right push.


Ron Killings – Killings has taken an age to debut after being picked from TNA last year. Teaming him up with Kofi Kingston would be a great idea as Kingston needs to move on from the Benjamin feud fast. Challenging for the Raw tag titles would be a possibility especially if a heel team has an extended reign with the belts.


Bryan Danielson – If Danielson signs which is fairly likely given recent reports Smackdown would be an ideal fit as he is a great worker. The only issue would be how you would get him over without a decent mid card on Smackdown.

Gregory Helms – Officially still part of the Smackdown roster, there is no need for Helms to move even though there is no Cruiserweight Title for him to chase. A US Title reign could be within Helms’ sights by early 2009.

Rey Mysterio – Mysterio isn’t going anywhere as the Hispanic audience is a large chunk of the overall rating for the programme. A Hardy/Mysterio match could draw if Hardy comes across to Smackdown.

The Undertaker – He isn’t moving brands as he needs to get his win back over Edge at Summerslam.

D’Lo Brown – Brown I think has been only been bought in to train and prepare those in FCW. However he may pull a Finlay and become a full time wrestler again, and Smackdown would seem a good home for him as there is more wrestling on the programme.

I can’t personally see a lot of trades after the draft- they may move a few of the lower card guys about mainly to feed into both ECW and Smackdown.

As regards the women, I doubt they will move more than one away from Raw, with Maria the likeliest candidate. Victoria should go the other way, as she will be out of place in the new Divas division. Natalya I would keep apart from the Raw women as she could carry the Divas division all by herself, leading to a title holder feud between Natalya/Mickie.

It certainly should be an interesting night on Raw tomorrow whatever happens with the WWE Draft. Please feel free to comment if you wish to disagree/agree with my opinions:).


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