Mixing On Beat Forum Response Regarding DJ Tutor Article…

I’ve just read some criticism of my DJ Tutor article at Mixing On Beat.

Just to clarify a couple of things. I am on the whole impressed with what the DJ Tutor is doing, however the main crux of the article was highlight that he goes over the same topic in many different videos. For instance you only need to know how one CD player’s cuing system works in one video. You only therefore need to post one video about said cuing system, not keep posting endlessly about it, every time you review a new product.

The argument of “you don’t have to watch” isn’t a very strong one. If I see a new product that I am interested I will click on the video hoping to see the unique features of that particular product, not go over old ground with basic features in several different videos. So what I am saying is produce more concise videos DJ Tutor please.

I am also not jealous of the DJ Tutor, nor am I a hater lol;). All I am saying is that don’t just use his videos as your sole reference tool when starting out. I stand by the article, and just because someone is a nice bloke and does something for free doesn’t make them immune to all forms of criticism. Rant over. Again;).


One Response to “Mixing On Beat Forum Response Regarding DJ Tutor Article…”

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