Bond is Back…

I’m not really a fan of films but Bond is an exception for me. The musical score is an integral part of the film, as is the theme song or single. So here are the best and the worst Bond singles in my humble opinion:).

This was the first true Bond single, so therefore it’s a bit of a classic in many peoples eyes. Great production from John Barry. However I can’t stand Shirley Bassey’s voice so it’s a thumbs down for the singing as well as the family sized sparkly tent she is sporting in this clip;).

Easily the best song that McCartney wrote after The Beatles, this was the first true rock song to be used in a Bond film. It was a perfect fit as it’s edgy and dark which shadows the theme of the film, which is a voodoo cursed Roger Moore epic;).

Arguably the worst Bond film had one of the better lead songs by a popular artist. Duran Duran usually did groundbreaking videos for their songs but the most memorable thing about this video is a crudely added flying camera:).

Forgotten Bond theme from A-Ha. John Barry didn’t really care for this one, even re-recording a different version for the film. I think thats it’s ace, much better than the actual film;).

The re-edit of the James Bond by Moby has been used in the majority of Bond films since Tomorrow Never Dies. It serves the purpose of being a link of between the older films and the newer ones and is the only Bond song that you could get away with playing in a club. Possibly;).

Garbage were enlisted to do this song for Tomorrow Never Dies and frankly they shouldn’t have bothered as it’s dire, dreary, and goes on for seemingly forever;).

The Alicia Keys and Jack White tune for the Quantum Of Solace strikes me as Bond meets White Stripes meets Alicia Keys, which could be great if it was a proper rock song but it’s not. It’s neither one thing nor the other and is just turgid and rather predictable in my opinion:).


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