The US Election – The First Five Rocky Films In Disguise?..

There is heaps of comment and analysis about the US Presidential Election knocking about the Internet (more than you could read in your lifetime), however aren’t the chief protagonists in the race just characters from the first five Rocky films:)? Sounds crazy, but the parallels are there;).

Barack Obama is Rocky Balboa – He was plucked from obscurity and humble beginnings as a dreamer with talent who takes on more experienced and stronger opponents, but defeats them all by his skill and by learning their weaknesses.

Joe Biden is Mickey Goldmill – Balboa’s trainer who is in his sixties, rarely seen but mentors him (at least in the first three films) through his fights.

Hilary Clinton is Apollo Creed – Flashy and experienced fighter who doesn’t take Balboa seriously as a challenger but soon realises that he has more public appeal than him. Creed is defeated by Balboa after a long drawn out battle and later supports him.

Sarah Palin is Clubber Lang – Explodes onto the scene dealing Balboa a surprise defeat. However Lang is defeated by a resurgent Balboa after heavy training.

John McCain is Ivan Drago – A cold hearted steroid induced bruising machine who taunts Balboa from afar. When he finally does face Balboa Drago causes him problems early on, only to be defeated in the final round.

Cindy McCain is Ludmilla Drago – Sightly scary and intense wife of Drago, who is mildly alluring in a “I will break you” way.

George Bush is Tommy Gunn- Balboa easily defeats Gunn who isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box and is easily led.

Clearly you have to use your imagination and ignore deaths, sex, race, steroid abuse and party lines for this to work:).

I am going for a fifth round knockout for Balb… I mean Obama tomorrow, which would equate to the election being won at 0230hrs GMT. I believe looking that electoral map that Obama will not carry Pennsylvania or Ohio, but will carry Arizona and Florida. My prediction therefore would be Obama/Biden 307 to McCain/Palin 231. 

I leave you with our own street fighter, namely John “Two Jabs” Prescott taking on a local farmer during an election campaign;).


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