Is “The Wrestler” The Best Wrestling Film Ever Made?..

Not all wrestling films have been that great- there is this masterpiece starring Hulk Hogan called “No Holds Barred”. Rather unbelievably the film actually led to actor Tom Lister Jr. actually headlining a PPV despite having no wrestling knowledge whatsoever. An awful film, one of Hogan’s best film outings therefore;).

WCW backed “Ready To Rumble” was just a terrible film that wasn’t even factually correct- I’ve never heard of yet seen a “Four Post Massacre”;).

“The Wrestler” looks to be easily the best fiction based wrestling film ever produced. The only possible reservation I could have of the film (not yet having seem it) is how the wrestling sequences are presented, as Ring Of Honor (where the sequences were filmed) only draw a few hundred fans to each event. Apart from that observation “The Wrestler” looks to be the film of the spring and should get Mickey Rourke an Oscar nomination at the very least;).


One Response to “Is “The Wrestler” The Best Wrestling Film Ever Made?..”

  1. Mickey Rourke’s comeback story reminds me a lot of Robert Downey Jr. for some reason

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