Could Johnson Be The Saviour Of Labour?..

Fifties throwback Alan Johnson is going to be increasingly in the public eye over the next few months due to the swine flu outbreak. However bad any outbreak gets he is going to have plenty of opportunities to put himself in position for the leadership if Labour do finally get rid of Brown, likely this Autumn if the Labour share drops below twenty five percent across the polls. His biggest rival for the post would be Harriet Harman who has the backing of the party’s grassroots but not from the wider electorate I believe.

If Brown does hang on and loses the election with a Tory landslide then clearly he would be a fool to stand for the “Hague” position where Labour could not win after a single term. Johnson’s best chance would be to either force Brown out or wait until 2015 if the polls at this time are correct. A cheeky tenner on Johnson may pay dividends in six months if Labour continue with their ongoing implosion.


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