Could UKIP Cost Brown His Job?..

Looking at the 2004 Euro Election figures the UK Independence Party were the third biggest party with just over sixteen percent of the total vote. If their leader Nigel Farage is to be believed then they are looking to make significant gains from Labour in particular. UKIP is in a great position along with every other minor party in Britain as they will not be embroiled in the expenses fiasco that is likely to carry on right through to polling day, June 4th.

Disenchantment with the major parties could play into the hands of UKIP and increase their share of the vote, however they are just a one issue party in many respects so I think that The Green Party stand to increase their share of the vote from just over six percent in 2004.

It would be hard to imagine how Labour could poll less than they did last time at just over twenty two percent of the vote, but if they were forced back behind the Liberal Democrats and UKIP then clearly serious questions will have to be asked of whether or not Gordon Brown can remain as leader of his party and Prime Minister.


2 Responses to “Could UKIP Cost Brown His Job?..”

  1. I think Nigel Farage has a point. I believe that the British electorate is so dismayed with British politicians that they will seek to make their views clear by voting in ‘clean skins’. This simply has to benefit the minority parties such as UKIP and Libertas. If so, then it must be a wake up for all UK MP’s.

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