Eurovision Betting…

With it kicking off tonight lets look at who you should be betting on for this crap shoot;). I’m discounting any Western entry as historically they don’t stand a chance under the televoting system (no Western entry has won since Katrina and The Waves in 1997).

The favourite is Norway sang by Alexander Rybak and I can see why- clever arrangement and a catchy hook. Plus he is rather good looking;). But at odds of 6/4 you aren’t really going to make a lot of cash with anything less than a fifty quid punt.

I fancy Azerbaijan to do well, Arash & Aysel have a song that just sounds like every winner to come from Eastern Europe (key changes/pace/percussion/ethnic dancing). Factor in voting bias that Azerbaijan benefit from and they are a good bet at 8/1.

Lidia representing Poland is the best outside bet at 200/1, it sounds like a Leona Lewis knock off but is worth attention if the majority of juries go for a ballad across Europe. It’s unlikely to win, but Poland have enough neighbours that it could be their time.

Jade Ewan and Andrew Lloyd Webber will possibly finish in the top ten but ultimately have no better than a slim chance of winning because no one likes the UK. At 5/1 it’s way overpriced and not worth even a pound each way in my opinion.

If you are going to wager some cash then the best odds will be available before the semi finals, with the first being the weaker of the two musically (which makes little difference as rarely the best song wins). In summary, bet Eastern and place bets on a wide number of entries as it’s more of a lottery than an actual song contest;).


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