Pioneer Dawn of a New Species…

James Zabeila, Armin van Buuren, Eddie Halliwell, Roger Sanchez and now Paul Woolford say maybe a little too much about the new media player from Pioneer (which I suspect will be called the “CDJ-1000 MK.4”). It’s likely to have the same basic features as the rest of the CDJ series however all hints lead to the addition of a LCD screen, USB ports and some type of integration with DVS software.

The whole marketing of the new media player is really building it up to be a revolutionary product, however I have my doubts as to what unique traits can be included that have not been included on other media players.

The price will be between £1100 and £1500 I feel, which would be around double of the Denon DNS-3700.

More videos are promised by Pioneer between now and the unveiling of the product on the 17th September, so watch this space.

The new player has been unveiled and is called the CDJ-2000- all the information you need is located here: – (redirects to an article on my blog).


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