Pioneer CDJ-2000…

It’s finally here, the new multimedia player by Pioneer. Some of the specs outlined in the video are impressive, adding a colour screen, DVD support, needle drop features and editing software. The Pacemaker integration is interesting as well because of Pioneer’s notoriety for always wanting to go it alone in everything they do. However, the majority of the features can be found on other players/DVS systems so Pioneer have played it relatively safe.

Weighing in at $2149 (around £1500) per player I can’t see too many bedroom DJs upgrading from the CDJ-1000s as the new features, although useful, aren’t so unique that it would be essential to buy the CDJ-2000. The price is around what you pay for a couple of Denon DNS-3700s or a Numark NS7 and a low end laptop. So in conclusion I cannot see many lower end users going immediately for the CDJ-2000, just nightclubs that the top flight DJs play in. They will be available in Europe and America from November.

As I know that a many of my viewers are from Spanish speaking countries I’ll include the Spanish version of the overview video as well.

Also, I know that a few people from French speaking countries so I’ll include the French version of the video as well.

Literally one person once visited my blog from Germany so I’ll include the German version of the video as well.

I can’t remember anyone ever visiting my blog from Italy, but I’ll include the Italian version of the video as the young lady presenting it is rather beautiful;).


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