Pioneer CDJ-900…

Short video outlining the features of the new CDJ-900 announced recently. It’s basically a cut down version of the CDJ-2000 with it lacking the a colour screen, DVD support, three hot cues and numerous other features. Although still a very capable looking player the oversight with the hot cues is a massive one, even with it’s new looping controls. Even players less than half the price of the CDJ-900 sport three hot cues as standard, so it’s puzzling why Pioneer left them off the CDJ-900.

The price is £1099, which is exactly the same as a CDJ-1000. That leads me to believe that the CDJ-1000 will be discontinued, so consumers will have to choose between the CDJ-900 or the CDJ-2000 if they wish to buy a top end Pioneer player.


2 Responses to “Pioneer CDJ-900…”

  1. Steve @ eDJGear Says:

    Here is a similar article on the Pioneer CDJ900.

  2. Serato with Cdj 900 gives you 5 hot cues via the laptop plus effects better than 3 on the cdj 2000 which i hve been informed its ven hard to use.

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