Why Brown Needs To Call An Early Election…

It is widely reported that the General Election will be on May 6th. If Gordon Brown wishes to avoid putting the Labour party in opposition for a generation he needs to call a General Election early because of the factors outlined below.

The Budget- The budget will be delivered in April and will be exceptionally pivotal to the General Election. The problem for Darling and Labour is that he will have to outline where savings are made and who will be taxed more. Darling could of course fudge it and not specify where the axe will fall again, but that would leave Darling open to attacks from the Tories about not being straight to the voters. An early election would negate the need for this distraction entirely.

Time- If there were to be a May 6th election then the Tories who have more time to plan how to spend their bigger pot of cash. A shorter time frame could lead to the Tories making rash decisions with their money which would make for a far tighter election. Also, a longer campaign means that Gordon Brown will be on television for longer, and the polling statistics suggest that the longer Brown is on television the Labour do worse.

The Economy- If the economy improves drastically by May then Brown will be under huge pressure to outline where spending cuts would be made to reduce the deficit. An early election fought under uncertainty would be better for Labour perversely.

The Polls- Although opinion polls have been slightly better for Labour recently, they are incredibly volatile and by the start of the campaign could be hugely in the Tories favour. If that were the case then Labour activists would be disillusioned and a Tory landslide would be a real possibility. It’s a tough call but there are a lot of pitfalls which could affect the opinion polls in the next few months.

An early General Election may not provide Labour with a victory, but in my opinion it would reduce the inevitable damage that is going to be inflicted on the party. Brown almost certainly will go for May 6th and therefore risk his party’s future at the expense of him keeping in office for an extra six weeks.


One Response to “Why Brown Needs To Call An Early Election…”

  1. Good post. But to be honest I think Browns damaged the party so much that Labour are resigned to a generation in opposition. It always happens. I believe we should adopt a more American approach to electioneering ie: a maximum of 2 terms etc

    Re: the budget. There’s no way Darling will tell the truth. No way. The whe thing will be yet another concoction of Labour lies. I swear Ive never known a government so corrupt! (but then I was one of ‘Thatchers Children’ 😉

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