The Leaders Debate Topics…

The topics for the forty-five minute section of each of the debates are still undecided. What I suspect will happen is that Sky News, who got the worst deal of the second debate will get the first pick of the topics, ITV will get the second pick and the BBC will get the third pick. So going in the chronological order of the debates:-

ITV- International Affairs (Iraq/Afghanistan/Zimbabwe)

ITV would select international affairs as much of their news output does seem to focus on military stories. This topic is a very tricky one for Brown as he is linked (by some) to not equipping our troops in his time as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Brown would probably prefer International Affairs to be picked by the BBC for the last debate as not to kill his momentum at the start of the campaign.

Sky News- The Economy (The Deficit/Bankers Bonuses/Unemployment)

Sky News would select the economy as it looks to be the defining topic of the General Election campaign. If the economy has recovered sufficiently Brown should feel confident going into this debate. However, if the growth figures published just days before the debate does not show rapid growth then Brown could be in for a tough time from both Cameron and Clegg.

BBC- Home Affairs (NHS/Education/Immigration)

The BBC would therefore have to pick home affairs which is arguably the least attractive topic. The wide spectrum of home affairs has been the primary battleground in the majority of elections in the last thirty years, so there is little new ground for this debate to cover. That said, any topic in the last debate will be pivotal as the viewers will vote just days after it has been screened.

The second forty-five minute section of the debates may be random questions from a studio audience on a wide range of subjects although I would doubt Brown especially would agree to such spontaneity. A more likely scenario is direct questions from the moderator on set topics agreed by all three leaders beforehand.


One Response to “The Leaders Debate Topics…”

  1. Interesting post!

    I wonder how much impact the ‘slant’ of each channel will affect how these debates will be broadly presented.

    ITV often gives the Tories an easy ride which would go nicely with Brown’s discomfort over Int. affairs questions. Also, Alastair Stewart’s a darling interviewer – can’t see him giving any of them a particularly hard time.

    Adam Boulton on Sky can be a bit of a b’tard interviewer (did you see him with Michael Gove last week – also the Brown storming off incident?) However, Sky generally right leaning (apart from Niall Pattereson!lol) but Cam could be in trouble if he dithers over the economy with Boulton.

    BBC – Dimbleby – surprise surprise – the left wing Beeb got the final ‘debate’. Cam’s only saving grace is that the country’s in such a state he might be able to talk himself through it in tact – he certainly won’t get any help from Dumbledore!

    (I.M.O.) 😉

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