Could This Man Save Brown’s Job?..

The answer is a resounding “No”.

Everyone including even the staunchest of Labour supporters (of which there can’t be many left) would say that instead of “engagement” with the voters, an interview on ITV with Piers Morgan at this stage smacks of desperation from the Prime Minister.

The majority of the electorate by this point has made up it’s mind that Brown is an incredibly inept leader and communicator. A one hour interview with a man who is almost as hated as him isn’t going to magically going to turn around his and his party’s fortunes, it just leaves him open to yet further ridicule from both the Tories and the Liberal Democrats.

The interview is scheduled for the 14th February, and I could think of a worse gift for the one you love than sixty minutes with Gordon Brown and Piers Morgan.


2 Responses to “Could This Man Save Brown’s Job?..”

  1. OMFG! Are you serious??? Clearly I’ve been out of the loop today . . you mean to tell me that Piers is seriously interviewing him on prime time Saturday night? I’m outraged!!! lol x

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