Why Brown Will Struggle In The Leaders’ Debates…

With the first of Leaders’ Debates less than a fortnight away, here are the most prominent reasons as to why Brown will have major issues “winning” against both Cameron and Clegg.

Brown has no advantages in the format- Each leader has to be treated equally in all three of the debates, which is the polar opposite to what happens at Prime Minister’s Questions every week, where Brown gets to rebuke the other two leaders’ questions. Brown cannot rely on his tried and tested reposts to get himself out of trouble because he will be answering the questions first for every third question.

Cameron and Clegg both are used to public debates- Brown whilst Prime Minister has limited opportunities to debate with the voting public. Cameron and Clegg have held events across the UK which have allowed them both to get used to the format of the debates, Brown has not, putting Brown at a disadvantage.

Brown isn’t good at soundbites- When it comes down to it, the majority of the public will not watch the debates, they will take in what has happened via news bulletins. This means, along with a strict time limit, that all three men will need to speak concisely. Brown prefers (in my opinion) to ramble on without getting his point across particularly well, which will make it difficult for editors to show him in positive light in soundbites on the nightly news. So long as Cameron and Clegg keep their answers to the questions short and to the point, Brown faces a tough time getting any type of coherent message across.

Cameron and Clegg may decide to work together- Although the Liberal Democrats have more attainable target seats from the Tories than Labour, Clegg may decide to attack Brown more than Cameron simply because he is the incumbent and has been at the heart of Government for thirteen years. This would clearly delight Cameron and infuriate Brown.

Brown may to lose his temper- With the emphasis on not making errors than actual political points scoring, Brown is the one leader out of the three who may find it difficult to control his temper. If you don’t believe me, look at Exhibit A from last year: –

Whoever is briefing Brown prior to these debates has the hardest job in show-business in my opinion, and I hope he or she is not on performance related pay.


2 Responses to “Why Brown Will Struggle In The Leaders’ Debates…”

  1. Great post. There’s a great piece in The Times today about this. I’ll Tweet it to you x


    Or could you just post the link like a normal person. Like people have been doing for almost two decades.

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