When Is Gordon Brown Quitting?..

Gordon Brown, the man who bangs on about Africa more than the soft rock band Toto, hasn’t exactly been the most prolific Parliament attendee since the General Election. Which begs the question- when is Brown going to quit as the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath? There are three possible scenarios as to when he leaves: –

Before the 2015 General Election- This scenario may seem unlikely now but events could transpire to see Brown gone before the end of the Parliamentary cycle. Ed Miliband and Labour could fall away badly/surge ahead in the polls and need a boost close to the General Election. Either way, Brown’s seat is so safe (a 23k majority over the SNP/Lib Dems) that a victory would provide momentum leading up to an election. Whether Ed Miliband could persuade Brown to leave early for the good of the party is another matter however.

Brown could be forced out via his poor attendance. The DUP wish for all MPs to take their seats in Parliament- obviously to eject Sinn Fein’s MPs who do not sit in Parliament currently. If legislation was passed so MPs had to sit in Parliament for a minimum percentage of the year (say fifty percent), Brown would be forced out rather unceremoniously in the middle of the Parliamentary cycle triggering a by-election (much to the delight of the Coalition no doubt).

At the 2015 General Election- This seems the likeliest scenario at the current time, Brown and the Labour party would both be able to plan for the future. If he were to leave at the 2015 General Election, an announcement would have to made well in advance (perhaps as much as one or two years beforehand) for the electorate to get used to the Labour candidate as Brown has held the seat since 1983.

After the 2015 General Election and Beyond- This scenario would only come into play if a suitable replacement for Brown could not be found and is therefore highly unlikely.

As to whom replaces Brown in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, a safe bet would be a local candidate who has lived in the area for a significant period of time. Parachuting in a younger, non local candidate to the constituency would not lose Labour the seat but may disenfranchise local party members.


2 Responses to “When Is Gordon Brown Quitting?..”

  1. I think its totally f*cking outrageous that the old fartbag hasn’t attended PMQs ONCE! He should be sacked!!! 😉 xx

  2. The man is a coward. When Callaghan and Major were defeated they both replied for the opposition to the new government’s Queens speech and at every PMQ’s till they quit. He couldn’t even be arsed to attend Osborne’s announcement of cuts last week.

    Socialist scumbag….

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