Three Reasons Why The NUS Should Not Field A Candidate In Oldham East & Saddleworth…

Today Aaron Porter hinted that the National Union of Students (NUS) may put up a candidate if there is a by-election in not very student laden Oldham East & Saddleworth (fight the power Phil!). Here are three reasons why I think this a bad idea: –

The NUS are supposed to be an apolitical organisation- Fairly self explanatory, as any attempt to field a candidate would undermine this (shaky) mission statement.

What would be a “victory” for a NUS candidate?- To deny those evil, evil Lib Dems the seat? To deny those despicable Tories the seat? To enable the saviours of the universe, the Labour Party, to win the seat? To win the seat for themselves? Any target below outright victory for the NUS candidate would call into question the point of the NUS inevitably asking it’s members for cash to fight the by-election.

A NUS candidate would make a Coalition victory more likely- Oldham East & Saddleworth is a genuine three way marginal with the three major parties within three thousand votes of each other. A left leaning NUS candidate could diminish both the Labour and Lib Dems vote, allowing for the Tories to win the seat (the nightmare scenario for the NUS).

The Labour Party must be fuming over the prospect of a very (re) winnable seat being hijacked by an organisation which is usually very supportive of it’s policies. Maybe this will lead to Labour to clarify it’s position on tuition fees finally.


One Response to “Three Reasons Why The NUS Should Not Field A Candidate In Oldham East & Saddleworth…”

  1. Mark Wilson Says:

    Ignoring your political bias on this issue I think you do a diservice to the NUS. I think given the currency of this issue all the politcal parties and particularly the LIb Dems do not come out with a great deal of credit on the issue of tuition fees.
    Putting forward an Independant Candidate on a single issue is both a by Election, and a British tradition. Also if the NUS is truly going to be a representative organisation with “teeth”, and not violence then I think Aaron Porter should be praised for his Leadership, and political nouse.
    Also sorry ED but there is no good reason in this particular seat why Labour should be allowed to waltz in unchallenged to take this seat after the way their previous representative has allegedly behaved. Irronically let us not forget the previous MP was a past President of NUS so it is very appropriate that the NUS should stand in this particular seat

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