My Political Predictions For 2011…

So, so early I know, but here are my quick thoughts on what may go down in world of politics next year (in a rough chronological order): –

*The VAT rise will lead to increased spending in the first few days of 2011. I doubt Labour will crow about the rise too much next year as Alistair Darling was heavily rumoured to be plotting a similar rise when he was Chancellor.

*The Royal Wedding may give the country a slight economic boost and the Coalition a boost before the local elections a week later.

*The British National Party will finally go under only to replaced by a similar far right party.

*The local elections will prove to be fruitful for Labour, however not as fruitful as they would hope. Expect the Tories and the Liberal Democrats to do badly however, as the smaller parties take local seats from all three of the major parties.

*The Alternative Vote/First Past The Post Referendum will be won by the “No” camp as Ed Miliband will not campaign on the same platform as Nick Clegg. Expect a low turnout and much criticism of the cost of the referendum afterwards from Labour.

*David Laws will make a return to frontline politics.

*Ken Clarke will (sadly) be forced out his role as Justice Secretary by those on the right of his party which will lead to a reshuffle.

*Ed Miliband will unveil the first of his big policy announcements in the Autumn, a reinstatement of the ten pence tax band perhaps?

*The redrawing of the constituency boundaries will enrage Labour, please the Tories and keep the Liberal Democrats indifferent.

*There will be no free vote on repealing the ban on fox hunting next year.


2 Responses to “My Political Predictions For 2011…”

  1. A whole year and that’s all Ed M will come up with? Actually, that sounds about right!

  2. i actually agree with all of these points, even if i regret that no2av might win

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