Good Week, Bad Week 16/01/11…

In a new regular feature on the blog I shall look at which political figures (or those directly connected with politics) have had a good week or a bad week. This feature will run while Parliament sits in the UK.

Good Week

Debbie Abrahams- Abrahams had a good week by seemingly saying very little to the broadcast media, and by not being Phil Woolas. She won the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election by a majority of three and a half thousand over the Lib Dems. The only slight worry for Abrahams long term would be if her constituency had to merge with an adjacent one after the boundary review and she was forced to fight a different seat at the next General Election.

Ed Miliband- Although Labour predictably won the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election, Miliband has had a good week. His party are ahead in nearly all the polls now, he had a decent Prime Ministers Questions and his attacks on the Coalition’s bonus taxing policy seem to be gaining traction with voters. The only piece of bad news for Miliband is only 96 people decided to tune into his webcast on Friday in Brighton, where he answered questions in a town hall meeting.

Nick Clegg- Thanks to the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election result Clegg has had a good (if quiet) week. The seat could have easily become safe for Labour, instead it’s still relatively marginal between reds and yellows. However, a worry for Clegg going forward must be his party’s poll ratings, which are very low at between seven and twelve percent across the board.

Bad Week

Elwyn Watkins– Watkins had a bad week by losing the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election, where (in my opinion) the voters were not interested in the candidates, they were simply voting for their parties. If the By-Election had been held before Christmas the result may have been different, and Watkins could have really challenged to take the seat from Labour. As it transpired, the memory of Phil Woolas shenanigans wasn’t fresh in voters’ minds, and that was reflected in the final result.

David Cameron- The Tories came in a poor third in the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-Election, but that is not the primary reason why David Cameron had a bad week. The Sun started to run a campaign to get the cost of fuel down in light of it’s price hitting nigh on one pound thirty per litre. The Sun is a vital media backer for the Tories and Cameron really needs commit to a duty freeze on petrol in the short term to appease the paper plus (more importantly) the wider voting public.

Edward Woollard- Woollard was jailed for thirty two months for throwing a fire extinguisher off the top of Millbank Tower at a student protest in November. He probably had the worst week in the UK, let alone politics.


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