Good Week, Bad Week 30/01/11…

Good Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a good week. The watering down of detention orders is a bit of a fudge, but ultimately it’s a step in the right direction from the Lib Dems’ point of view. The Lib Dems’ poll ratings are gently increasing as well as Clegg’s own personal approval rating. The strategy for Clegg going forward may be “less is more” to stabilise his standing.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a mixed week this week. Although his predictions about the cuts affecting the recovery have been proved correct for one quarter at least, he cannot afford to gloat over any stall Britain’s economy. He has taken a similar approach to Nick Clegg in staying relatively quiet this week, which may be damaging for him long term but in the short term this approach seems to be working well. Labour hold a double digit lead in a couple of the opinion polls which can only be good news for Miliband. Overall, a quiet but satisfactory week for the Labour leader.

Dr. Liam Fox- Fox this week helped comfort a pregnant woman on a flight from Istanbul to London this week, proof not all Tories are (that) evil.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The terrible contraction in the British economy has blighted Cameron’s week. The media are now questioning if the Coalition’s cuts are too deep and too quick, a question Cameron would have wanted to avoid at least until later this year. To overcome this accusation, Cameron may wish to highlight that Labour’s deficit reduction “plan” is cuts of fourteen billion pounds per year for the next four years, only two billion pounds of cuts less per year than the Coalition’s plan. The situation in Egypt has been handled well by Cameron however, with the Prime Minister joining his European colleagues in calling for a regime change in the country. Going forward Cameron needs to diversify his message, not always feeling the need to trade blows with Labour over the economy and involving other policy areas.

George Osborne- Osborne’s week has also been blighted by the contraction in the British economy. He has tried to give the impression the economy will bounce back, but his snow “excuse” somewhat undermined his prediction. The Budget in March may prove to Osborne’s biggest test yet.

Ed Balls- Balls has had a bad week from a presentational perspective. His combative style can work in the right situation, but this week he has been goading George Osborne in his media appearances unconstructively. Ed Miliband may wish therefore to curtail Balls’ media appearances unless he can lay out what Labour would do in the same situation, as not to impact his party’s poll ratings.


2 Responses to “Good Week, Bad Week 30/01/11…”

  1. Ed Balls is massively inefficient. Labour need a strong leader with a bit of personality. Ed is neither. There is no strong opposition to this horrific coalition.

  2. Robert Kybird Says:

    The big hole in the economy is construction.
    Does nobody at Government level understand that step changes in Government legislation are the very essence of boom or bust?
    Lawson’s withdrawal of tax allowances fuelled the 1988 boom and bust.
    Post Labour 40% socialhousing on new developments against an historic 10% background fuels bust and bust. Wake up Tories, let opportunity to make profit lead us out of recession.

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