Good Week, Bad Week 06/02/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a relatively good week- manufacturing figures were exceptionally strong as were those from the service sector. I don’t think it is safe to say the economy is out of the woods yet, but it’s odds on for a quarter of growth after last quarter’s contraction. Cameron’s speech on the subject of social cohesion/multiculturalism was controversial to some, but it garnered praise from the majority of the right wing media, which should please both the Prime Minister and his new chief spin doctor.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has been relatively quiet again this week, only making one high profile speech on the subject of growth on Friday. Clegg stated “We need to get away from Labour’s model of growth”, a clear dig at Ed Balls’ ideological plan of spending ourselves out of the recession. Clegg seems to be dragging his party to the right fiscally with every week that passes and it will be interesting to see how this approach effects the Lib Dems vote share at the local elections in May.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a bad week because his rather poor (if considered) performance at Prime Minister’s Questions and the choice of venue for his “Fresh Ideas” speech on Friday. I think Miliband should have been far more aggressive in his presentation at the dispatch box and his performance reminded me of Ian Duncan Smith when he was opposition. Miliband chose to make his “Fresh Ideas” speech in Gateshead, a Labour stronghold notionally since the Second World War. This action shows a lack of ambition from the Labour leader in my opinion, as he surely should be holding his speeches in target seats even this early in the Parliamentary cycle. Miliband can draw comfort from the fact that his party are now consistently six points or more across the opinion polls however.

Ed Balls- Balls was predictably quiet when very strong manufacturing figures were released this week. Instead of taking the easy option and keeping stum, Balls should have referred to his party’s economic policy. Alas, Labour don’t have a detailed economic plan, so Balls had no other option but to stay on the sidelines this week.

Damian Green- The usually unflappable Green was woeful on this week’s Question Time about the Coalition’s plans to sell off some of the nation’s forest. Watering down of those proposals are surely inevitable now.

Sally Bercow- One bedsheet plus Big Ben equals a PR fail for the office of the Speaker this week.


2 Responses to “Good Week, Bad Week 06/02/11…”

  1. Dominic Grieve was not on Question Time last week – so must be a mistake here!

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