Good Week, Bad Week 20/02/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a relatively good week with his well advised u-turn over the sale of forests and his “No to AV” speech. Although many commentators have rightly stated the Coalition has performed numerous u-turns in it’s first few months in office, in my opinion it’s better to get them out the way as early as possible in the Parliamentary cycle to make sure both parties aren’t harmed close to an election. U-turns also show the Government is listening to voters, which is especially important during a time of fiscal restraint. The Prime Minister’s “No to AV’ speech was sensible and to the point. I do feel Cameron would not be that upset if the “Yes” campaign won the referendum however- the redrawing of the constituency boundaries are much more important to the Tories than whether the electorate use AV or FPTP.

Nick Clegg- It has been yet another quiet week and therefore good week for the Deputy Prime Minister. Clegg’s “Yes to AV” speech was concise and passionate. I do believe the momentum is with the “Yes” campaign at this time because they have tapped into the anti politics feeling that the public still have after the expenses scandal.

Larry the cat- Larry has had a very good week, from living in Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to No.10 in a matter of hours.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a bad week on balance. He still doesn’t know how to address the AV issue with his party or to the public and his big speech at the Welsh Labour Conference didn’t garner much press attention. Miliband’s statement outside his house on AV looked like an afterthought compared to the other two party leaders- Miliband must try to look like a future Prime Minister in everything that he does as not to affect his perception with the electorate. His speech in Llandudno at the Welsh Labour Conference wasn’t covered in the mainstream media at length mainly because of other world events but also because he decided to attack the Coalition on their NHS reforms, some reforms which were in his party’s last election manifesto. Why Miliband insists on attacking the Coalition on the subject of the NHS is baffling- Labour would have cut NHS spending this Parliament and the Coalition are increasing NHS spending slightly this Parliament, leaving Miliband very exposed in any argument on the matter.

John Healey- Healey has had a bad week by backing his leader over NHS reforms. Labour overly politicising the NHS will make the public switch off from the party as a whole in my opinion. Healey would be better served targeting attacks on specific changes than the reforms as a whole, reforms that his party would have made partly if they had won the last General Election.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper stated on BBC Question Time she didn’t know how much the country’s deficit was in cash terms when Labour left office in 2010. I’d say Cooper had a fair idea of the country’s deficit given the fact she was Chief Secretary to the Treasury for a year from January 2008 to June 2009, and still in cabinet until Labour’s electoral defeat in 2010.


One Response to “Good Week, Bad Week 20/02/11…”

  1. No, Labour would not have cut the NHS budget. Their plans were very clear.

    1) £15-£20bn efficiency savings (Lansley has pledged £20bn)
    2) Funding rises with inflation (same as Osborne)

    Links are on this page:

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