Good Week, Bad Week 06/03/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a rather decent if uneventful week. The crisis in Libya seems to be gaining him plaudits from around the world (especially in America) for his leadership against the Gaddafi regime. The Prime Minister’s speech today at his Spring Conference was solid if unspectacular, setting the scene for the budget later this month and for growth in the medium term. The Tories distant third place in Barnsley Central by-election was to be expected and the party has received very little negative press after the result.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a very good week because of his party increasing their vote share on their 2010 General Election result in the Barnsley by-election. The leader of the opposition’s trumpeting of the result was to be expected but Miliband must know that he and his party will face the electorate in four years time when the political landscape may be very different.

Dan Jarvis- The former soldier convincingly won the Barnsley by-election and so has had an excellent week. He may wish to save the “Ed Miliband for PM” rhetoric for later on in the Parliamentary cycle however.

Nigel Farage- UKIP finished a strong second in the Barnsley by-election with Farage declaring his party were the new opposition to the Coalition. Whilst it’s a great result for UKIP, the next European Elections are in 2014, so Farage and his party need to not get too ahead of themselves.

Bad Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a terrible week thanks to his party’s result in the Barnsley by-election, with the Lib Dems being beaten into a lowly sixth by an independent candidate and the British National Party. Governments typically do badly in by-elections but the loss of their deposit will prove to be a wake up call to the Lib Dems in my opinion. There has already been talk about keeping the party tacked in to the left, as to make a Coalition with Labour easier in 2015 should that eventuality arise. I think the Clegg should try and keep his party as central as possible as to maximise their chances of getting into Government again (after all a Labour victory isn’t assured this far out from a General Election).

Dominic Carman- Carman, the Lib Dem candidate in Barnsley Central, stated in his post result speech that “he had taken a right kicking”. A early nomination for the understatement of the year right there.


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