Good Week, Bad Week 13/03/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a rather uneventful week barring the ongoing situation in Libya. He looked confident and assured on The One Show (despite being upstaged by an owl) and had a decent showing at Prime Minister’s Questions. A concern for the Prime Minister however has to his party’s poll ratings which look to be on the slump, especially in the YouGov daily series of polls where they are now behind Labour by over ten points.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a quiet week much like Cameron. A competent performance at Prime Minister’s Questions was followed by a sensible period of silence immediately after Lord Hutton’s pension recommendations shows the Leader of the Opposition is growing into his role. I hear he also won a game of pool this week as well.

Alex Salmond- Salmond’s speech at his party’s conference this week was surprisingly solid. Instead of aiming (much) venom at the Coalition or indeed Labour, Salmond reamed off several positive SNP achievements in the past four years for the bulk of his speech, ahead of the Scottish Elections in May. The SNP could gain at the ballot box thanks to a collapse in both Coalition parties vote share, although I do think all signs currently point to a minority Labour administration North of the border after May 5th.

Bad Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg’s week up to Friday was the usual uneventful one, after Friday however it “heated up”. The Lib Dem Spring Conference in Sheffield required a rumoured Policing budget of two million pounds, which is rather embarrassing for the Deputy Prime Minister given he is the MP for Sheffield Hallam. Away from the cost of holding the event, there does seem to be a feeling of dissension amongst Lib Dem activists and MPs over the Coalition’s plans going forward on NHS reforms. This is a worry for Clegg as clearly he wishes to pull his party away from the left to a more central political position and embrace the NHS reforms but the body of his party look like they wish to stay where they are. The controversies over the weekend (plus the events in Japan it has to be said) have distracted attention from Clegg’s big speech today, which could be at best described as competent.

Douglas Alexander- Alexander is still trying to pin blame upon William Hague for events that went on in Libya over a fortnight ago, telling him to “get a grip” countless times in the last week alone. Whilst I understand opportunities to hold the Foreign Secretary to account should be exploited by his shadow, Alexander’s questioning Hague’s competency is a a little rich given he oversaw the idiotic booking of an Elvis impersonator during Labour’s 2010 General Election campaign.

William Hague- Hague’s position as Foreign Secretary after this week still looks to hang in the balance, and although I feel he will hang on in the short term, he may relinquish his role in any future Cabinet reshuffle.


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