Was Miliband’s TUC Speech His “HAGUE” moment?..

In short I think not. For those who haven’t seen The Leader of the Oppostion likening his fight against two billion pounds worth of cuts per year to the fight against equality, civil rights and apartheid: –

I doubt Miliband’s misguided comments will resonate with the voting public like the disastrous pictures of William Hague on a log flume wearing “that” hat for two reasons. Firstly, Miliband said something laughable and not wore something laughable, therefore the evidence is a lot less tangible and less likely to be used against him. And secondly, we are four years away from a General Election so the indiscretion of the 26th March will have faded by then Labour hope. Miliband may wish to avoid such comments close to a General Election however, unlike his good friend Neil Kinnock just before the country went to the polls in 1992: –


One Response to “Was Miliband’s TUC Speech His “HAGUE” moment?..”

  1. I know what you are driving at but disagree slightly. I think in and of itself it isn’t a problem but given the nature of his election (by the unions) and then coming out singing the union song like this. People will draw the obvious conclusions. He is now damaged goods really, whether that is irreprably damaged goods remains to be seen but Labour’s electability took a knock at the weekend.

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