Good Week, Bad Week 03/04/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a good week on balance, with the UK hosting the Libyan Conference and a satisfactory performance at Prime Minister’s Questions. Hosting the Libyan Conference was a coup for Cameron who is clearly trying to set himself apart from the somewhat calamitous foreign platform performances of Gordon Brown. At Prime Minister’s Questions Cameron called Ed Balls “the most annoying man in British Politics” in a clear attempt to isolate the Shadow Chancellor from the rest of his party. Whether or not that label sticks for Balls only time will tell, but certainly Cameron wants to be seen dividing the opposition into left and right.

Alex Salmond- Thanks to the England International on Tuesday, many south of the border would not have known that STV hosted a Leaders Debate between the four major Scottish parties. Salmond predictably won the debate with Annabel Goldie of the Conservatives coming second in my opinion. The SNP now lead in some of the opinion polls and should now be favourites to win the most seats in the Scottish Parliament come May.

Boris Johnson- Johnson put on one of his better media performances on Question Time, disagreeing with certain Tory policies. It’s obvious why Johnson is doing this for two reasons. Firstly, he knows his opponent in Ken Livingstone will likely campaign far left of the usual Labour position and Johnson himself can afford to campaign firmly in the centre ground. Secondly, Johnson knows that London is more left leaning than right leaning, and that campaigning to the right would result in almost certain defeat for the current Mayor of London.

Bad Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a bad week as the rumours about a possible leadership challenge gather pace from either Tim Farron or Chris Huhne. Personally I believe Clegg should issue an ultimatum to his party to back him or (perhaps) sack him in a ballot, showing authority over his party and solidifying his position until 2015 should he win.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a bad week as the fallout from his disastrous TUC speech last week kicked in. Jibes in Parliament and a dozen or so of his MPs backing UK Uncut have only made the situation worse. The Leader of the Opposition isn’t unelectable yet and shouldn’t be written off at this point in time but he is currently one major gaff away from “William Hague Circa 2000” territory in my opinion.

Iain Gray- Gray performed woefully in the STV Scottish Leaders Debate, not being able to differentiate Labour’s policies from those of the SNP. Labour’s chances of forming a Government north of the border seem to be rapidly decreasing as the weeks go by and Gray needs to do something very quickly to reverse that.


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