Why Ed Miliband Needs To Fill Up His Blank Sheet Of Paper Pronto…

Well over six months into his tenure as Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband still has yet to formulate one single policy. Here are three reasons why he needs to redress this sooner rather than later: –

Having a few policies would make his party more credible- At the moment Labour are essentially a party who oppose virtually every Coalition policy. Having a few solid policies would make the party seem more credible as Ministers could talk to media outlets about their department’s plans should they get into Government. Opposition to the governing parties’ policies only looks credible if your party has a viable alternatives of your own.

New policies would replace those that lost the party the 2010 General Election- Labour secured under thirty percent of the total vote at the 2010 General Election. I would therefore conclude the majority of the party’s policies were not popular with the electorate. A line would be drawn under the General Election result in the electorate’s eyes if the party was seen to be ditching Gordon Brown’s policies and replacing them with some fresh Ed Miliband policies in my opinion.

The two Coalition parties cannot formulate policy out in the open- The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats cannot formulate policies out in the open until a General Election as they don’t want be seen to be “plotting” against each other in the media. Labour need to exploit this fact, fill up the blank sheet of paper pronto to instill their policies in voters’ minds several years before a General Election to take advantage of these circumstances.

Having reamed off those three (rather reasonable) reasons for a quickening of Labour’s policy review, I doubt we will see any hard policy from Labour for another couple of years. Labour are ahead in the polls currently and seem to be happy with their current position of opposition for oppostion’s sake on most subjects. Whether this strategy secures Labour a victory in 2015 (or sooner) remains to be seen.


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