Good Week, Bad Week 22/05/11…

Good Week

Alan Johnson- Johnson showed on Friday’s episode of Have I Got News For You why he will missed on the front bench of the Shadow Cabinet. He was assured, funny and clever in the host’s role. I can see a return to frontline politics for Johnson, but only if his party moves further to the right or Ed Miliband is replaced as Labour leader.

Chris Huhne- Huhne has had a great week this week by somehow remaining in his job. I have a feeling that his luck may run out soon though.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister himself has had a relatively uneventful week but his party as a whole has had a terrible one. Cameron performed badly at Prime Minister’s Questions after Ken Clarke’s confused comments about “different” types of rape with Ed Miliband landing some clear verbal blows. The Tory leader will be heartened by his party’s high poll ratings and Gordon Brown’s IMF leadership bid implosion however.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a poor week after his plans for Lords reform were criticized heavily by both the Conservative and Labour back benches. Substantial tweaking will be needed to his proposals to avoid the humiliation of another public defeat like the AV Referendum.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a very mixed week, he excelled at Prime Minister’s Questions but then delivered a dire, vacuous speech to a left wing forum this weekend. The Leader of the Opposition desperately needs to up his game in my opinion, apologising for the economical failures of the last Labour Government and formulating some concrete policy ideas in the short to medium term.

Ken Clarke- Clarke got in real muddle over “different” types of rape in a radio interview and although he recovered rather brilliantly on the subsequent day’s Question Time I feel he will be reshuffled in early 2012.

Theresa May- The Home Secretary drew no reaction whatsoever from The Police Federation after their leader heavily objected to the impending twenty percent cuts to their budget. The Tories need to find a way of remaining the party that is perceived to be tough on crime as this could be a vital attack line for Labour long term.

Gordon Brown- Gordon Brown looks like he has missed out on the top job at the IMF which may mean he can attend Parliament more often. Or not, as the case may be.


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