Good Week, Bad Week 12/06/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister should have had a terrible week but because of other events this week he has had a relatively good one. A decent performance at Prime Minister’s Questions after a couple of u-turns by the Coalition was more to do with the ineptitude of his opponent more than Cameron’s guile, but this week has proved him to be more “Teflon” than Tony Blair.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a decent if quiet week, scoring a minor victory with a u-turn from Cameron on the NHS reforms.

David Miliband- This week’s shenanigans have put Miliband Major back in the spotlight for the better or worse of his party. I still cannot see him becoming Leader of the Opposition anytime soon however as he stands little chance of deposing his brother before 2015.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had an abysmal week as Leader of the Opposition. Leaks about his plot with Ed Balls to oust Tony Blair, a rather negative book about his relationship with his brother and a whispering campaign against his leadership means Miliband looks to be in deep trouble as Labour leader. The major problem for Miliband is he will not have any policies for eighteen months, by which time both local elections and the Mayoral election in London will have been held. If Labour don’t do well next May I think the pressure within the party could make Miliband’s position untenable, and Ed Balls would inevitably ascend to party leader on the union block vote. I rate Ed Miliband’s chances of hanging on as Labour leader until 2015 currently at fifty-fifty.

Andy Burnham- Burnham criticised the Education Secretary Michael Gove about his department’s budget this week, describing it as being in “Chaos”. A very hypocritical stance from Burnham in my opinion given his party’s handling of the economy when they were in Government.

Liam Byrne- Byrne stated this week that “Gordon Brown was a superb Prime Minister”. I’ll let the utter tribalism /and or stupidity of that statement stand on it’s own.


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