Good Week, Bad Week 19/06/11…

Good Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a good week. His party’s influence within the Coalition is popular with the voting public and the Lib Dems are poll ratings are recovering (albeit slowly).

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a mixed week but his performance at Prime Minister’s Questions proved he isn’t likely to come under much pressure from within his party anytime soon. Cleverly selecting a fact and then pressing the Prime Minister on that fact is a useful tactic William Hague often used during his tenure as Leader of the Opposition. It is a tactic that cannot be used too often however. The only major worry for Miliband short term is whether or not he appoints his brother to a role within the Shadow Cabinet in a reshuffle, does he risk opening old wounds or sticking to a weaker team without his brother David?

Michael Forsyth- Lord Forsyth performed well on Question Time in Aberdeen, proving Tories can win over sections of the Scottish public if they present their arguments properly.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a sub par week. His performance at Prime Minister’s Questions was shaky at best and the Coalition’s U-Turns are becoming the norm rather than the exception. A decent outing at Prime Minister’s Questions by Cameron could have put Ed Miliband on the verge of being ousted as leader. As it went down however, Miliband went with a highly emotive issue which the Prime Minister had no real answers to. U-Turns are regrettable for any political leader but at this stage, with Labour still not having any policies to speak of, the damage they are causing in the media short term should not be replicated with the voting public in 2015.

Ed Balls- With the deficit reduction debate seemingly swinging in George Osborne’s favour, Balls announced this week he would like to see a temporary VAT cut to stimulate spending. A very poor strategic move for his party in my opinion.

Danny Alexander- Alexander unveiled the Coalition’s pension reforms this week in a very bland and lackluster fashion when ideally they needed a solid launch.


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