Good Week, Bad Week 18/09/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a mixed week, with a poor showing at Prime Minister’s Questions, his triumphant visit to Libya and the Tories doing well in the polls. The unemployment figures provided Ed Miliband with an open goal at Prime Minister’s Questions which he duly squandered, only just besting Cameron in the exchange. The Prime Minister’s trip to Libya was an undoubted success with him drawing a line underneath the conflict finally. The Tories are now level with Labour in a poll conducted by ComRes on thirty eight percent, better than the party’s vote share at the last General Election. The ineptitude of the opposition has made this week a good one for Cameron.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister’s week has been dominated by the 50p tax rate, with Clegg not wishing to abolish the top rate of tax anytime soon. He will clearly get his way in the short term, with the Tories not daring to try and push through such a measure through Parliament. Clegg’s opening speech to his Party Conference struck the right tone and reenforced  his message for fairness.

Owen Paterson- The Northern Ireland Secretary devised a brilliant plan on Question Time of talking exceptionally slowly, thus not allowing his opponents as much time to respond.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had an awful week. An average showing at Prime Minister’s Questions, the debacle of calling the Prime Minister back to Parliament only for him to not to do so and falling poll ratings mean Miliband is still skating on thin ice. He desperately needs a memorable speech at his Party Conference to sure up his position, and to reveal a few policies on his vision for Labour going forward.

Diane Abbott- Abbott was woeful on Question Time, especially on the economy. Not what Labour needs right now.

Sarah Teather- Teather’s joke about Peter Hain at her Party Conference was badly timed given this week’s events in his constituency.


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