Good Week, Bad Week 16/10/11…

Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a good week by default. His performance at Prime Minister’s Questions was adequate at best, but because of Dr. Liam Fox’s resignation Labour have an opportunity to make political capital out of the impending lobbyist revelations.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has been very quiet this week which means he again has had a good week by default.

Philip Hammond- Hammond takes over from Fox as Defence Secretary. This is a good appointment in my opinion as Hammond was clearly underutilised at the Department for Transport. Whether he can gain the same level of respect that Fox did with the Armed Forces remains to be seen, but it’s a near certainty Hammond will not cause the Prime Minister any problems during this Parliament.

Justine Greening- Greening was promoted to Transport Secretary in this week’s mini reshuffle. I doubt she will be under much pressure because of the nature of her new brief and having to face off against the rather inept Maria Eagle in The Commons every week.

Bad Week

Dr. Liam Fox- The now former Defence Secretary’s top flight political career seems to be over. Two questions now remain, how damaged will Fox be by further revelations and will they lead to him stepping down at the next General Election?

David Cameron- The Prime Minister’s week has been blighted by Dr. Fox’s (alleged) follies and subsequent resignation on Friday. Although Cameron has handled the Fox crisis calmly, the issue of lobbyists has been highlighted and pushed to the forefront. If this issue is not shutdown quickly I can see it running on for months, like the expenses scandal, which is not ideal for the incumbent Government.

Kevan Jones- Jones’ “holier than thou” attitude over the Fox affair has grated this week, especially when pressed on the question of Labour’s links to various lobbyists. Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy has been much more considered and therefore has had more success in holding the Government to account this week.

Oliver Letwin- Constituents’ Documents + A Park Bin = Gross Stupidity

Andrew Lansley- The Health Secretary had a real shocker on Question Time this week. He may be reshuffled out of his role in the new year as the running of the NHS may prove pivotal in the Tories bid to be win the most seats at the next General Election.


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