Good Week, Bad Week 06/11/11…

Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a better than expected week this week. The growth figures were very unspectacular but solid and he fought a score draw with Ed Miliband at Prime Minister’s Questions. The Eurozone crisis was overshadowed the G20 Summit so I feel Cameron may in the medium term come under yet more pressure from his Eurosceptic backbenchers demanding a different “contract” with Europe.

Nick Clegg- Nick Clegg had the usual quiet week. He signed off a loan with Sheffield Forgemasters and that was seemingly his week.

George Osborne- The growth figures released this week of 0.5 percent came in better than expected and must have been a great relief to the Chancellor.

Silvio Berlusconi- Every week in which the Italian Prime Minister remains in his job is a good week, given his country’s fiscal worries.

Danny Alexander- Alexander was in impressive form in The Commons as he outlined the Coalition’s latest offer to the Unions over pension reforms. All signs seem to suggest there will still be a massive public sector strike on November 30th however.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a poor week. A so-so outing at Prime Minister’s Questions, the seemingly inevitable public sector strikes at the end of month and problems having his voice heard in the media mean Miliband still isn’t making progress as Labour leader. As I have stated before, Miliband desperately needs to start clearly setting out his vision for his party and more importantly for the country without using too much rhetoric. Failure to do so soon will yet further rumours of him losing his job before 2015.

George Papendreou- The Greek Prime Minister has caused major disruption to confidence in the Eurozone with a number of false announcements. One would hope Greece quickly resolve it’s internal disputes for the good of the world.

Barack Obama- One year away from the Presidential Election polls suggest Obama’s chances of re-election is at best fifty-fifty. Fortunately for the incumbent, the Republicans are cannot decide on a clear front runner ahead of their Primaries in January.

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