Apple Delivery Issues…

I recently have been in troubles with Apple, a brand whom you all will be familiar with. I am currently on my third faulty iPad. Much toing and froing with their Customer Services department I have to share a little tidbit of information with Europe.

They don’t do doorstep swaps.

Now I know that there isn’t that many people who this information will affect but it is worth noting. If your Apple product goes wrong and you request a replacement they (being Apple) will insist on delivering the new product to your home address and then make you wait in for a courier bag on another day. That is two days at least sitting at home off work/off school (not a good plan kids)/not visiting your loved ones (never a good plan people).

So if for instance you live in “Parts Unknown” like myself (also known as Lincolnshire) which has the sum total of zero Apple shops nearby (to do a swap in person) you will be made to stay in via Apple’s policy.

I therefore implore Apple to look at this policy which I personally feel is flawed. It’s flawed on a basic fiscal level- as more trips by a courier will cost Apple more money (you would think so anyway). It’s flawed on an environmental level- as more trips by a courier enlarges the packages’ carbon footprint. But most importantly it’s flawed from a customer service level- to expect a customer to stay in for two days at least is just plain wrong when there are quicker ways to resolve the issue of swapping over products.

Apple’s reason for this policy is “Labeling Issues” apparently.

I have never dealt with a company which takes delivery options off the table when there is a problem. Usually the company will bend over backwards to satisfy the customer’s needs. This is why I feel that Apple’s protocols are puzzling at the very best. I am writing this post as information to highlight this issue to prospective Apple buyers and to existing Apple users.


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