Good Week, Bad Week 04/12/11…

Good Week

Nick Clegg- A typically quiet week for the Deputy Prime Minister, looking like a bystander whilst the Autumn Statement was delivered. The Lib Dems are doing slightly better in the polls recently but still would lose a projected half of their MPs if a General Election was held tomorrow.

Newt Gingrich- Gingrich has had a very good week, topping numerous GOP polls by a significant margin. My gut feeling that he will not be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012, as he is clearly less electable than the younger Mitt Romney in the eyes of the American people.

Jeremy Clarkson- Clarkson’s highly controversial comments on The One Show this week have meant his new DVD is selling better than predicted.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a terrible week as it looks almost certain the UK will slip back into recession next year. As I have stated before, Cameron has only got to beat in 2015 what’s in front of him in the guise of Ed Miliband. A recession does complicate his election strategy in 2015- does Cameron call for faster cuts or keep the status quo? I’d say the latter at this point.

Ed Miliband- It should be so easy for The Leader of the Opposition at the moment. Whilst Miliband had a decent outing at Prime Minister’s Questions this week, his “Five Point Plan” for jobs and growth has not gained the traction he would have liked. Simply put, Labour need to understand cuts have to be made across the board without spending money the country does not have. Any further spending “plans” would hurt Labour with voters as the debate has moved on from whether or not cuts need to made. Miliband and Balls are polling woefully as a duo and I’d wager one of Labour’s top team will not be there in 2015.

George Osborne- The Chancellor had to backtrack on his commitment to eradicate the deficit within five years this week. This was disappointing for Osborne the politician as broken promises will not help his leadership ambitions with the Tory Party faithful. The need for further spending cuts going into an election may help the party to be victorious over Labour however.

Ed Balls- The Shadow Chancellor landed some decent blows this week in light of the dire economic outlook. However Balls at this point is seen by many in his party as a liability that it may be him who leaves the Shadow Cabinet before Ed Miliband.

Herman Cain- Cain dropped out of the GOP race this week, much to the disappointment of Pokemon lovers everywhere.



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