Good Week, Bad Week 22/01/12…

Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a good week. Ed Miliband is still floundering as Labour Leader, with seemingly little media attention being paid to Cameron’s problems with his own party. The Tories will face resistance to their NHS and Welfare reforms this week but ultimately Cameron is unlikely to be losing sleep over his opposite number’s rather hollow attacks.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had the usual quiet week with the Lib Dems only kicking up a minor fuss over over The Mayor of London’s “Boris Island” airport plans.

Sayeeda Warsi- The Co-Chairman of the Conservatives had a solid outing on Question Time this week, easily besting Stephen Twigg who looked uneasy defending his party leader.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a stinker of a week. Labour’s economic message still isn’t getting through, his party are behind in the daily YouGov tracker and a muted performance at Prime Minister’s Questions added to his increasing list of woes. Two glimmers of hope for Miliband remain however, the unions although vocally opposed to his “new” economic policies are unlikely to withdraw their support for Labour anytime soon and no clear replacement for   Labour Leader is apparent (yet). As I’ve stated before, Miliband needs to establish a narrative pronto to make Labour seem credible with voters and to stop the prominent question in his media appearances being “When are you resigning?”.

Chris Huhne- Huhne’s constant disruption of Cabinet matters seems to make Cameron’s decision to sack him easier if he is charged for passing off speeding points to his then wife.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper ranked twenty points below Ed Miliband in a hypothetical leadership poll for ComRes. That has to hurt.


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