Neil vs. Umunna…

The British Barack Obama? Not yet on this form.


One Response to “Neil vs. Umunna…”

  1. Leeds John Says:

    As a former lifelong Labour voter who has long since abandoned this organisation I write in response to the appearance of your ‘spokesperson’ C.Umunna on today’s ‘Sunday Politics’.

    He was so hopeless and out of his depth, the biggest insult I can pay him is that he even made Ed Balls sound coherent and capable of economics. Andrew Neill may be a skilled interrogator but the way he chewed up and spat out this lightweight incompetent was so embarrassing, you almost expected the studio director to step in and take it off the air to save him further humiliation. At least he could have bothered to read his brief before participating in this slaughter. Or perhaps he’s only been appointed to make our old friend BallsUp appear competent in comparison?

    Truly if such pathetic lightweights such as Umanna, Millipede, Alexander and others are now the only thing Labour has to offer I don’t know why you bother.

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