Good Week, Bad Week 29/01/12…

Good Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a very good week, reinforcing his party’s policy on tax allowances and again stressing the need for a “mansion” tax. Both of these policies are popular with voters (particularly Labour voters) so Clegg will be happy that he and his party are finally making progress in differentiating themselves from the Tories in the Coalition.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a decent week. He was solid at Prime Minister’s Questions and seems to have captured the mood of the people with his opinions on Stephen Hester’s bonus. There still is no real narrative from Labour however and Miliband’s personal polling is dire with YouGov.

Mitt Romney- Romney effectively won the GOP Presidential Race with a great performance in the CNN Florida Debate. Unless he does something incredibly crazy or stupid it’s not if but when Romney clinches the Republican Nomination.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Poor GDP figures underpinned a bad week for the Prime Minister. If the UK does fall back into recession in three months then I see the Tories Poll Ratings plummeting short term and Ed Miliband’s star rising. Which may please many in the Coalition perversely. Cameron’s personal ratings with YouGov are excellent however, in deep contrast with the Leader of the Opposition.

George Osborne- Osborne has had a bad week which mirrored the Prime Minister’s. GDP figures show it’s now looking increasingly likely that the UK will slip into recession. The problem for Osborne short term is that there is little he can do to solve the Eurozone crisis/uncertainty which seems to be partly causing such terrible GDP figures in the UK.

Liam Byrne- Labour’s position on a benefits cap have shifted from opposing a cap to not opposing a cap but with reservations to not opposing a cap so long as there is a regional element all in a week. Byrne isn’t doing Labour any favours by sending out mixed messages on such an important subject as Welfare.


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