Good Week, Bad Week 26/02/12…

Good Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had yet another solid week. His attacks on the Coalition’s NHS reforms are resonating with the public and his personal approval ratings with YouGov are on the rise. That said, Miliband still has a long way to go before he can feel confident of winning the General Election. Labour are still neck and neck with the Tories in the polls and his approval ratings are roughly where William Hague’s approval ratings were in his second year as opposition leader. Miliband has recovered from his woes of January well but questions still remain if he can draw up a viable narrative which will guide Labour back to power.

George Osborne- Borrowing figures came in slightly lower than expected this week, allowing the Chancellor some wriggle room in the Budget next month. I expect Osborne to freeze petrol duty in the medium term plus bring forward infrastructure projects in rural areas in the Budget next month to sure up his party’s core vote. I don’t see the personal tax allowance being raised sharply, even though the Lib Dems have been lobbying for such a measure.

Mitt Romney- Romney got through this week relatively unscathed, matching Rick Santorum in the Arizona CNN Debate. Until one of the candidates in the GOP race drops out I cannot imagine Romney relinquishing his position as front runner for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had much the same week as last week, being heavily criticised on his proposed NHS Reforms from all sides. Cameron will take heart from his personal ratings with YouGov, which are still nearly (minus ten percent) in the positive region with all voters. Cameron will also know that Miliband can’t dine out on his beleaguered NHS Reforms forever and that the economy will still be the most important issue with voters at the next General Election.

Nick Clegg- A typically dull week for the Deputy Prime Minister spiced up by him seeming to say that young people were a “very naughty word” in a BBC interview.

Andrew Lansley- The Health Secretary marches on with his NHS Reforms knowing that his chances of surviving a reshuffle are slim at best.

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