Good Week, Bad Week 25/03/12…

Good Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a very good week. His response to the Budget was well received by nearly all pundits and Labour have surged ahead in the majority of polls. Whether or not Miliband can keep this momentum up until Easter is uncertain however without any clear narrative being shown by Labour.

Nick Clegg- The Lib Dems measures in the Budget have widely been praised by the electorate this week. Taking people completely out of the tax system is a very popular measure and I for one expect his party to stand on a similar policy in 2015.

Bob Crow- Crow this week hilariously threatened to sue Boris Johnson this week over the Mayor of London associating him with Ken Livingstone. Livingstone’s London Mayoral Campaign currently has the momentum of a rather slow newt and the signs do not look good for the former Mayor as we enter the final month of campaign.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a woeful week. The Budget has been largely considered as a flop and the “Cash For Cameron” scandal could have legs. Concerning for Cameron will be both the perception that the Tories are looking after the rich with the cut in the top rate of tax whilst freezing the tax allowances of pensioners. The only saving grace for the Prime Minister is that the electorate are now accustomed to bad economical news and that Labour still seem to be having problems with their own fiscal narrative.

George Osborne- The Chancellor’s Budget was roundly trashed this week, with the scant praise being heaped on the Lib Dem influenced policies. Osborne’s chances of leading his party have certainly taken a hit this week.

Rachel Reeves- Reeves had a shocker on Newsnight earlier in the week as she tried to defend Ken Livingstone’s tax arrangements. May 3rd cannot come soon enough for parts of the Labour Party I hear.


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