David Cameron on Letterman…

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The interview starts around sixteen minutes in. I’d give Cameron 7/10 for his performance in the interview as a whole.


Boris Johnson’s Athletes’ Parade Speech…

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Simply majestic.

Clint Eastwood and “Barack Obama”…

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Who seemed to have morphed into a chair. Truly baffling stuff.

Lincolnshire Broadband Statistics and Predictions…

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Here are statistics and predictions in relation to the BDUK/On Lincolnshire process, most notably the percentage of On Lincolnshire sign ups per exchange which are not available from their site. The spreadsheet can be seen here. Please note that the spreadsheet was made on a Mac and therefore may differ on Windows/Linux machines (it may look a little rough in other words). It is readable however.

Pages 1-4 show exchanges ordered by size.

Pages 5-8 show exchanges ordered by On Lincolnshire sign ups.

Pages 9-12 show exchanges ordered by the percentage of On Lincolnshire sign ups in an exchange.

Please be aware that there are sign ups that I have not included due to shared exchanges between counties. All information has been taken from the SamKnows website and On Lincolnshire. I am not in any way associated with the On Lincolnshire team at Lincolnshire County Council. This spreadsheet can be used/edited as you see fit, however if you could please link back to this site I’d be most grateful. Any comments are welcomed below.

Boris and Arnold in a Cable Car…

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Boris Johnson “Have you ever wrestled someone on a cable car?”. Arnold Schwarzenegger “Errrm no”. Brilliant!

Boris Johnson on Olympic Branding…

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Classic Boris!

Good Week, Bad Week 01/07/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a relatively good week. His party are still well ahead in the polls and he has put the Coalition on the back foot over the Libor scandal. That said, cracks do seem to be appearing within the Labour party as a whole. The unions want to drag Labour to left and mooted policies such as the re-nationalisation of railways point that their 2015 manifesto will be not be beside reading for the likes of Tony Blair. As I’ve stated before, divided parties do not win elections and provided Labour can stay relatively together they stand a good chance of gaining the most seats in 2015, whatever political position they choose to take.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual dull week as per normal. A busier, more media savvy Deputy Prime Minister may be able to bolster his party’s poll ratings in the Autumn.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a half decent week spoilt by his follies over an EU Referendum. The petrol tax deferral was a positive move which showed the country that the Prime Minister was on their side. His lack of leadership over the EU Referendum has shown that Cameron is still worried by his back benchers rebelling however. As with Labour, Cameron needs to take a standpoint and stick to it instead of consistently seeking some sort of middle ground. He is incredibly lucky that the opposition haven’t formulated any policies of note on any subject that matters long term yet.

George Osborne- Although the petrol tax deferral was a positive step it did seem to be forced by the opposition. Osborne may be reshuffled out of his current role if he lets situations like this week’s multiply.

Ed Balls- Ed Balls this week called for an inquiry into the actions of Ed Balls. Truly bizarre.

Chloe Smith- Smith this week found herself on the end of a Paxman mauling. The long term damage to her career should be minimal however.

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