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Good Week, Bad Week 05/02/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a decent week. His responses on  bankers bonuses and on the subject of Europe have caught the Prime Minister off guard. Can Miliband take things out of his “safe zone” however and start winning back floating voters? I’m not so sure. His party voted against the benefits cap this week signaling that Labour aren’t yet ready to take back the initiative on “unsafe”subjects. Another issue for Miliband long term is to rectify is Labour’s terrible ratings on the economy, where they trail the Tories regularly by a ratio of two to one voters in the polls.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister dealt with the resignation of Chris Huhne as best as he could, replacing him with the capable Ed Davey.

Mitt Romney- Romney won yet more electoral GOP votes this week, all but assuring the Presidential Nomination. The pressure will be on the other three candidates now to step aside and let Romney take on the incumbent President. The longer the GOP race goes on, the less chance Romney has of unseating Barack Obama.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister had an unnerving week as his opposite number scored points on a variety of subjects, the most prevalent being Europe. However, Cameron will be heartened that Labour are still not drawing away in the polls and Miliband still not being able to gain political momentum either within his party or in the country as a whole.

Chris Huhne- Huhne was charged with perverting the course of justice this week and promptly resigned from the Cabinet. There isn’t much more I can say on the matter as the trial is forthcoming.

David Miliband- The elder Miliband bafflingly interjected himself into the political fray this week stating that his party wouldn’t win over voters with a brand of “Reassurance Labour”. Whilst Miliband is entitled to his opinion, his semi regular  interventions aren’t helping his party or more importantly his brother’s leadership.


Chris Huhne Resigns…

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Video proof that this has actually happened.

Good Week, Bad Week 22/01/12…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a good week. Ed Miliband is still floundering as Labour Leader, with seemingly little media attention being paid to Cameron’s problems with his own party. The Tories will face resistance to their NHS and Welfare reforms this week but ultimately Cameron is unlikely to be losing sleep over his opposite number’s rather hollow attacks.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had the usual quiet week with the Lib Dems only kicking up a minor fuss over over The Mayor of London’s “Boris Island” airport plans.

Sayeeda Warsi- The Co-Chairman of the Conservatives had a solid outing on Question Time this week, easily besting Stephen Twigg who looked uneasy defending his party leader.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had a stinker of a week. Labour’s economic message still isn’t getting through, his party are behind in the daily YouGov tracker and a muted performance at Prime Minister’s Questions added to his increasing list of woes. Two glimmers of hope for Miliband remain however, the unions although vocally opposed to his “new” economic policies are unlikely to withdraw their support for Labour anytime soon and no clear replacement for   Labour Leader is apparent (yet). As I’ve stated before, Miliband needs to establish a narrative pronto to make Labour seem credible with voters and to stop the prominent question in his media appearances being “When are you resigning?”.

Chris Huhne- Huhne’s constant disruption of Cabinet matters seems to make Cameron’s decision to sack him easier if he is charged for passing off speeding points to his then wife.

Yvette Cooper- Cooper ranked twenty points below Ed Miliband in a hypothetical leadership poll for ComRes. That has to hurt.

My Political Predictions For 2012…

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Here are my ten quick political predictions for 2012 in some sort of a chronological order: –

*Mitt Romney will win the Republican Nomination for President after a long protracted battle with Newt Gingrich.

*Greece will exit the Euro but the single currency will remain for 2012 at least.

*Boris Johnson will beat Ken Livingstone to be re-elected Mayor of London in an ill tempered campaign.

*A challenge to Ed Miliband’s leadership will come after the London Mayoral campaign, but no formal contest will be held. Miliband will hang onto the Labour leadership throughout 2012 as the party struggles to find a successor.

*Chris Huhne will finally exit the Cabinet after a falling out with his Lib Dem collegues.

*Nick Clegg will start to formulate a few clear Lib Dem policies in a bid to distance his party from the Tories ahead of 2015.

*Barack Obama will be re-elected as American President by a decent sized margin.

*David Laws will return to the cabinet in a social brief.

*Nick Boles will be promoted to the Cabinet, possibly replacing Chris Huhne as Energy Secretary.

*Ed Miliband’s approval ratings will go lower than former Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith’s approval ratings at their lowest ebb.

Good Week, Bad Week 22/05/11…

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Good Week

Alan Johnson- Johnson showed on Friday’s episode of Have I Got News For You why he will missed on the front bench of the Shadow Cabinet. He was assured, funny and clever in the host’s role. I can see a return to frontline politics for Johnson, but only if his party moves further to the right or Ed Miliband is replaced as Labour leader.

Chris Huhne- Huhne has had a great week this week by somehow remaining in his job. I have a feeling that his luck may run out soon though.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister himself has had a relatively uneventful week but his party as a whole has had a terrible one. Cameron performed badly at Prime Minister’s Questions after Ken Clarke’s confused comments about “different” types of rape with Ed Miliband landing some clear verbal blows. The Tory leader will be heartened by his party’s high poll ratings and Gordon Brown’s IMF leadership bid implosion however.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a poor week after his plans for Lords reform were criticized heavily by both the Conservative and Labour back benches. Substantial tweaking will be needed to his proposals to avoid the humiliation of another public defeat like the AV Referendum.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a very mixed week, he excelled at Prime Minister’s Questions but then delivered a dire, vacuous speech to a left wing forum this weekend. The Leader of the Opposition desperately needs to up his game in my opinion, apologising for the economical failures of the last Labour Government and formulating some concrete policy ideas in the short to medium term.

Ken Clarke- Clarke got in real muddle over “different” types of rape in a radio interview and although he recovered rather brilliantly on the subsequent day’s Question Time I feel he will be reshuffled in early 2012.

Theresa May- The Home Secretary drew no reaction whatsoever from The Police Federation after their leader heavily objected to the impending twenty percent cuts to their budget. The Tories need to find a way of remaining the party that is perceived to be tough on crime as this could be a vital attack line for Labour long term.

Gordon Brown- Gordon Brown looks like he has missed out on the top job at the IMF which may mean he can attend Parliament more often. Or not, as the case may be.

Good Week, Bad Week 15/05/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a relatively good if quiet week this week. A decent showing at Prime Minister’s Questions and his party’s increasing poll ratings (especially with ComRes) means that he is doing better than some might have expected at this stage of the Parliamentary cycle. The major question question for Cameron going forward is how he keeps the Coalition together whilst appeasing his own back benchers.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a relatively uneventful week after his “Muscular Liberalism” speech that tried to reestablish his party from the Conservatives in the Coalition. Clegg has been able to draw a “concession” from the Prime Minister on carbon targets so on balance his week has been better than expected.

Ed Miliband- Miliband is slowly getting the hang of Prime Minister’s Questions and is finally attacking the Coalition from the left on green policies. A worry for Miliband has to be his party’s poll ratings that are now below forty percent with every pollster but YouGov. Labour need to be polling above forty percent as under the new boundaries they will not be able to gain a majority with anything less.

Bad Week

Nicola Sturgeon- The Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party fumbled through an interview with Jeremy Paxman on the subject of independence this week, seemingly not having a clue about the logistics of Scotland being an independent state. The SNP need to look more assured in all media appearances regarding this issue as to establish a compelling case for independence until a referendum is held (likely in 2015).

Chris Huhne- Huhne looks to be exiting Cabinet in the worst possible manner next week after revelations about his driving indiscretions strengthened this week. If Huhne does go, I predict another Lib Dem will replace him as Energy Secretary.

Meg Hillier- Hillier actually showed up to Parliament this week, only to get taken to the cleaners by a wounded Chris Huhne. Tough times for her then.

Good Week, Bad Week 03/04/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a good week on balance, with the UK hosting the Libyan Conference and a satisfactory performance at Prime Minister’s Questions. Hosting the Libyan Conference was a coup for Cameron who is clearly trying to set himself apart from the somewhat calamitous foreign platform performances of Gordon Brown. At Prime Minister’s Questions Cameron called Ed Balls “the most annoying man in British Politics” in a clear attempt to isolate the Shadow Chancellor from the rest of his party. Whether or not that label sticks for Balls only time will tell, but certainly Cameron wants to be seen dividing the opposition into left and right.

Alex Salmond- Thanks to the England International on Tuesday, many south of the border would not have known that STV hosted a Leaders Debate between the four major Scottish parties. Salmond predictably won the debate with Annabel Goldie of the Conservatives coming second in my opinion. The SNP now lead in some of the opinion polls and should now be favourites to win the most seats in the Scottish Parliament come May.

Boris Johnson- Johnson put on one of his better media performances on Question Time, disagreeing with certain Tory policies. It’s obvious why Johnson is doing this for two reasons. Firstly, he knows his opponent in Ken Livingstone will likely campaign far left of the usual Labour position and Johnson himself can afford to campaign firmly in the centre ground. Secondly, Johnson knows that London is more left leaning than right leaning, and that campaigning to the right would result in almost certain defeat for the current Mayor of London.

Bad Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a bad week as the rumours about a possible leadership challenge gather pace from either Tim Farron or Chris Huhne. Personally I believe Clegg should issue an ultimatum to his party to back him or (perhaps) sack him in a ballot, showing authority over his party and solidifying his position until 2015 should he win.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a bad week as the fallout from his disastrous TUC speech last week kicked in. Jibes in Parliament and a dozen or so of his MPs backing UK Uncut have only made the situation worse. The Leader of the Opposition isn’t unelectable yet and shouldn’t be written off at this point in time but he is currently one major gaff away from “William Hague Circa 2000” territory in my opinion.

Iain Gray- Gray performed woefully in the STV Scottish Leaders Debate, not being able to differentiate Labour’s policies from those of the SNP. Labour’s chances of forming a Government north of the border seem to be rapidly decreasing as the weeks go by and Gray needs to do something very quickly to reverse that.

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