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Good Week, Bad Week 01/07/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had a relatively good week. His party are still well ahead in the polls and he has put the Coalition on the back foot over the Libor scandal. That said, cracks do seem to be appearing within the Labour party as a whole. The unions want to drag Labour to left and mooted policies such as the re-nationalisation of railways point that their 2015 manifesto will be not be beside reading for the likes of Tony Blair. As I’ve stated before, divided parties do not win elections and provided Labour can stay relatively together they stand a good chance of gaining the most seats in 2015, whatever political position they choose to take.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual dull week as per normal. A busier, more media savvy Deputy Prime Minister may be able to bolster his party’s poll ratings in the Autumn.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a half decent week spoilt by his follies over an EU Referendum. The petrol tax deferral was a positive move which showed the country that the Prime Minister was on their side. His lack of leadership over the EU Referendum has shown that Cameron is still worried by his back benchers rebelling however. As with Labour, Cameron needs to take a standpoint and stick to it instead of consistently seeking some sort of middle ground. He is incredibly lucky that the opposition haven’t formulated any policies of note on any subject that matters long term yet.

George Osborne- Although the petrol tax deferral was a positive step it did seem to be forced by the opposition. Osborne may be reshuffled out of his current role if he lets situations like this week’s multiply.

Ed Balls- Ed Balls this week called for an inquiry into the actions of Ed Balls. Truly bizarre.

Chloe Smith- Smith this week found herself on the end of a Paxman mauling. The long term damage to her career should be minimal however.


Good Week, Bad Week 27/05/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had yet another low key week this week with his party still well ahead in the polls. Miliband’s personal ratings are just ahead of the Prime Minister’s but are still in minus territory. I suspect Labour and Miliband will carry on their good run of form until the party conference season in the Autumn, where much more scrutiny will be heaped on the opposition.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual dull week. Perhaps he should have been home for the street party thrown by UK Uncut for it to have been livelier.

Ed Balls- Balls succeeded in riling the Prime Minister so much this week that he called him a “muttering idiot”. I doubt the remark will have any real long term impact for either side however.

Bad Week

David Cameron- A slightly better this week for the Prime Minister but still it seems that he and the entire Conservative party can’t wait for the Summer break to come. A reshuffle before the break would signal intent on Cameron’s part but it’s not without it’s risks. The Jeremy Hunt situation has complicated reshuffle plans and Cameron must be wishing that by the end of next week he will be in a position to have a fresh team for the Autumn.

Sayeeda Warsi- Details of Warsi’s accommodation blunder are still sketchy but clearly she looks to heading out of the Cabinet. If Warsi quit Cabinet it would look infinitely better than if she had to be reshuffled out of Cabinet.

Alex Salmond- Salmond was deeply unimpressive at the launch of the “Yes” campaign for Scottish Independence. I feel that he certainly was met his match in Alistair Darling.

Good Week, Bad Week 29/04/12…

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Good Week

Ed Miliband- Miliband has had yet another good week, largely by default. His party are consistently well ahead across the polls, a prominent Cabinet member looks to be on the way out and his number two’s predictions about a double dip recession have rung true. The fact still remains that Labour has no clear narrative or policies three years ahead of a General Election. In the short term this is acceptable although in the long term it is clearly not. Unless the incompetence from the Coalition continues for three solid years Miliband and Labour will need a vision for Britain to win the next General Election.

Ed Balls- Balls has been proved right this week as the country dropped back into recession. Britain should be more like America in the Shadow Chancellor’s eyes, using an addition stimulus to provide growth. Why I don’t feel this stance will work for Labour in the long term is very simple- the public now have (largely) accepted that cuts are necessary and that further spending is folly.

Alan Sugar- Lord Sugar this week spoke out in writing against Ken Livingstone. This move will have some impact on Livingstone’s campaign, casting doubt on whether or not he can rule London for all ethnic groups.

Bad Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a woeful week. The economy is officially in recession and Jeremy Hunt looks as if he will be exiting the Cabinet very soon, forcing an early summer reshuffle on the Prime Minister. Obviously the recession is incredibly bad news for the Coalition as it’s a tangible story/statistic that can never be erased. The Hunt/Murdoch issue may prove to be more damaging however, as the ghosts of sleaze from the nineties return to haunt the Tories.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual quiet week soured by his frankly diabolical approval ratings with YouGov.

George Osborne- Osborne may leave the Chancellor’s role in the summer to be replaced by William Hague. If that were to happen, I’d imagine Osborne would become the new Foreign Secretary in straight job swap.

Jeremy Hunt- Hunt as I write this is barely hanging onto his job in the Cabinet. I’d wager by the time I write the next “Good Week, Bad Week” he will have resigned, likely to have been replaced by Hugh Robertson.

Ken Livingstone- Another week goes by without Livingstone declaring his tax returns, compounding his issues with the electorate of trust.

Good Week, Bad Week 04/03/12…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had his usual quiet week ahead of his rather tricky Spring Conference where the Coalition’s NHS reforms will be scrutinised yet futher. Clegg will be heartened that his YouGov approval rating amongst his own supporters has increased significantly, although his personal ratings with all voters are still dire.

Mitt Romney- Romney has the momentum going into Super Tuesday this Wednesday (in the UK). He should become in all but name the GOP Nominee for President this week.

David Miliband- Miliband has irked some in his own party by writing for The Sun on Sunday this week. I genuinely don’t see any issue with Miliband Major writing for The Sun on Sunday as looking inwards certainly will guarantee a Labour defeat in 2015.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister’s week was dominated by a story about whether or not he rode a deceased horse. The definition of a slow news week. Aside from equine shenanigans, Cameron will be pleased that Labour are still failing to face up to spending cuts of any ilk.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition has had rather stagnant week. He continued with attacks on the Coalition’s NHS Reforms and did little else of note. Miliband’s attacks on the proposed NHS Reforms aren’t proving effective with voters in the topline numbers of opinion polls which must frustrate him immensely. Miliband lack of narrative is clearly hurting Labour at this stage of the Parliament with the public. If Miliband can’t gain any traction soon, I can see a leadership challenge happening before the Summer.

Ed Balls– Balls stated this week that he will not commit his party to changes to tax credits and child benefits outlined by Coalition, further ruining his party’s fragile fiscal credibility in my opinion.

Good Week, Bad Week 15/01/12

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a good week with Ed Miliband’s leadership in jeopardy. Prime Minister’s Questions this week was a tame affair, which Cameron would settle for every week. The question of the Scottish Independence Referendum dominated the news agenda this week, with Cameron opting to (seemingly) allow Alex Salmond to hold it in late 2014. Whether or not the Prime Minister gets his desired simple “In/Out” Referendum question is still up in the air however.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister had a typically quiet week this week, with Clegg engaging Salmond in some light chest beating over the Scottish Independence Referendum. His party’s poll ratings are still a cause for concern as they dropped below double digits with YouGov.

Alex Salmond- Salmond has (again seemingly) got his desired time of late 2014 for the Scottish Independence Referendum. I cannot imagine the Westminster Government allowing a third “Devolution Max” question now as they have all but conceded to the SNP’s timetable. This far out from the Referendum predictions are tricky, but all signs point to the Scottish people rejecting independence outright and perhaps getting a separate “Devolution Max” Referendum by the end of the decade.

Mitt Romney- Romney convincingly won the New Hampshire Primary and now looks to odds on to gain the Republican Presidential Nomination for 2012. I suspect the GOP race may be over sooner rather than later because none of Romney’s opponents have vast sums of money to spend on campaigning/attack ads.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition is on very thin ice as the Labour Party questions if he is up to the job. Miliband’s key issue is that he doesn’t exude charisma or look like a Prime Minister in waiting. A secondary issue for Miliband is that his policies, however good, are presented in a way that makes them look complex. Simple narratives in politics generally work and Miliband desperately needs to find a compelling, simple to understand set of policies to “sell” to voters. The next few months are crucial for Miliband, if he lasts that long. A loss for Ken Livingstone in the London Mayoral Election may signal a decisive end for Miliband’s leadership.

Ed Balls- Balls’ admission that he would back a public sector pay freeze at the current time has predictably angered the unions who pay the majority of Labour’s bills. This was not the wisest move given there was no pressure on Balls to say anything on public sector pay currently.

Rachel Reeves- Reeves this week in a newspaper interview stated that Labour is still not in a position to govern. This is not something I’d expect to hear from a Shadow Cabinet member in public and is a puzzling statement to make in mid Parliament.

Good Week, Bad Week 04/12/11…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- A typically quiet week for the Deputy Prime Minister, looking like a bystander whilst the Autumn Statement was delivered. The Lib Dems are doing slightly better in the polls recently but still would lose a projected half of their MPs if a General Election was held tomorrow.

Newt Gingrich- Gingrich has had a very good week, topping numerous GOP polls by a significant margin. My gut feeling that he will not be the Republican Presidential Nominee in 2012, as he is clearly less electable than the younger Mitt Romney in the eyes of the American people.

Jeremy Clarkson- Clarkson’s highly controversial comments on The One Show this week have meant his new DVD is selling better than predicted.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a terrible week as it looks almost certain the UK will slip back into recession next year. As I have stated before, Cameron has only got to beat in 2015 what’s in front of him in the guise of Ed Miliband. A recession does complicate his election strategy in 2015- does Cameron call for faster cuts or keep the status quo? I’d say the latter at this point.

Ed Miliband- It should be so easy for The Leader of the Opposition at the moment. Whilst Miliband had a decent outing at Prime Minister’s Questions this week, his “Five Point Plan” for jobs and growth has not gained the traction he would have liked. Simply put, Labour need to understand cuts have to be made across the board without spending money the country does not have. Any further spending “plans” would hurt Labour with voters as the debate has moved on from whether or not cuts need to made. Miliband and Balls are polling woefully as a duo and I’d wager one of Labour’s top team will not be there in 2015.

George Osborne- The Chancellor had to backtrack on his commitment to eradicate the deficit within five years this week. This was disappointing for Osborne the politician as broken promises will not help his leadership ambitions with the Tory Party faithful. The need for further spending cuts going into an election may help the party to be victorious over Labour however.

Ed Balls- The Shadow Chancellor landed some decent blows this week in light of the dire economic outlook. However Balls at this point is seen by many in his party as a liability that it may be him who leaves the Shadow Cabinet before Ed Miliband.

Herman Cain- Cain dropped out of the GOP race this week, much to the disappointment of Pokemon lovers everywhere.


Good Week, Bad Week 27/11/11…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a relatively good week introducing a subsidy for businesses taking on young people. This type of policy is perfect for Clegg to unveil as it fits in with his party’s mantra of social justice. Clegg must still be worried by the Lib Dems dire poll ratings however.

Nigel Farage- The UKIP leader has had a decent week in the polls. His party are breathing down the necks of the Lib Dems in the daily YouGov tracker polls and recorded an eleven percent share in a Survation poll today. Sadly for Farage the European elections are in 2014.

David Miliband- The elder Miliband has been rumoured to make a return to the Shadow Cabinet this week. Such a return could prove controversial but would provide Labour with a recognised “big beast” on their front bench, something which they are lacking at the moment.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a fairly poor week. The country is on the brink of recession and he is facing a series of strikes from the unions. Out with the man in the street he is not doing well. However, the ineptitude of Ed Miliband currently means politically he is doing (fairly) well. Unless public opinion gets behind the strikes I can see Cameron not being damaged politically by them.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition is having a terrible time of it recently, although his tales of woe are all self inflicted. Consistent poor performances at Prime Minister’s Questions and not taking a stance on the strike mean Miliband is still not making headway. Miliband needs to come back in the new year with some solid policies and a renewed attitude otherwise I can foresee his party turning on him, almost guaranteeing a Tory victory in 2015 in the process.

Ed Balls- Balls cries at the Antiques Roadshow. Not exactly a conventional way of softening one’s image.

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