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Good Week, Bad Week 24/06/12…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a relatively good week, with his party slightly improving their position in the polls and a spat with Argentina that played well to the home audience. Cameron’s net personal ratings have improved markedly with YouGov in the past few weeks also, with the Tory leader now ten points or so ahead of Ed Miliband. A concern for the Tories will be how the rise in fuel duty in August affects the public mood. At the current time fuel prices are at their lowest level for months so a three pence rise in duty would not be that noticeable. However if fuel prices rise George Osborne could come under pressure to defer the rise in duty to the winter.

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had his usual quiet week, only being awoken by Michael Gove’s radical education reforms.

Ed Miliband- Miliband’s week hinged on a speech where he addressed the subject of immigration. Whilst I applaud the Labour leader for finally tackling a very difficult subject for his party, the speech did seem to hint that Labour would only tinker with the current status quo. Miliband needs to be bolder on immigration than the Coalition to renew trust with the working class and those aspirational voters who deserted Labour in 2010.

Bad Week

Harriet Harman- Harman was absolutely schooled at (stand in) Prime Minister’s Questions by William Hague this week. Performances of this ilk will make some in Labour party wonder why Harman is still Deputy Leader after five long years in her role.

Andy Burnham- Burnham seemed to have a lackluster performance substance wise on Question Time this week. That said, presentationally Burnham is streets ahead of  of nearly everyone in the Labour party currently.

Jimmy Carr- Carr was rumbled this week for tax avoidance. The new 737 will have to wait therefore.


Good Week, Bad Week 18/03/12…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a very good week with his visit to America being seen as a success by most commentators. Cameron will also be heartened by fact that Ed Miliband hasn’t made any political capital ahead of next week’s Budget and his party’s poll ratings are steady across the board at around thirty seven percent.

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister got the rare opportunity to take the reigns for Prime Minister’s Questions and was in good form after a slow start. In the upcoming Budget the personal tax allowance looks as if it will be raised to around nine thousand pounds which will provide Clegg with a chance to please his own party faithful.

George Osborne- Osborne has had a relatively good week ahead of the Budget which will likely see him cutting of the top rate of tax and relaxed Sunday trading regulations during the Summer. Both policies are politically divisive however, so the Chancellor needs to present them in the correct manner to avoid attacks from Labour. No easy task given the financial state the country is in.

Bad Week

Ed Miliband- The Labour Leader has had a pretty terrible week. He failed to gain traction ahead of the Budget, had to answer questions about his dealings with a Hull based tycoon and watched as Barack Obama embraced David Cameron in Washington. Miliband’s personal ratings are dire with his own supporters as well, with a record low net score of minus seven with YouGov. As I say nigh on every week, Labour needs a compelling narrative pronto. Miliband’s Budget response this week will be pivotal to his party’s prospects short term as election season looms.

Harriet Harman- Harman this week had a lackluster at Prime Minister’s Questions and then totally “forgot” how much Labour’s bankers bonus tax would raise. This may have reinforced the notion that Labour cannot be trusted managing the economy with the electorate.

Rick Santorum- Newt Gingrich stayed in the GOP Presidential Race this week impacting on Santorum’s chances of beating Romney for the Republican Nomination.

How Much Would A Bankers Bonus Tax Raise?…

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Harriet Harman will have to get back to you on that one! Car crash stuff from the Deputy Labour Leader.

Ed Miliband “Attacks” Harriet Harman…

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Little does Harman know that she is getting “the eyes” from Miliband as she defends his leadership on Sky News.

Good Week, Bad Week 30/10/11…

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Good Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister has had a good week this week. The changing of the Royal succession rules, ratified at the Commonwealth Summit, was Clegg’s idea which although not that important in the short term will change the make up of the Royal Family forever. Clegg also talked tough over Europe this week to solidify his position on the subject to his party and the wider public. However, the Lib Dems poll ratings are dire with YouGov, so Clegg needs to connect with the electorate (especially disgruntled 2010 Lib Dem voters) more effectively to see his party’s position improve.

Nigel Farage- With UKIP at seven percent in the YouGov polls and the Tories at each others’ throats over Europe, this week has been a very good one for Farage.

Bad Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had an awful week with the issue of Europe threatening to split his party yet again. With over eighty Tory MPs rebelling on an EU In/Out Referendum Cameron will know that Europe is not going to go away in his back benchers’ minds quickly. This week would have been made worse if Ed Miliband actually had showed up to Prime Minister’s Questions, but as per normal, he did not.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition had an appalling week after fluffing one of the easiest opportunities to land blows on the Prime Minister Wednesday in The Commons. Miliband at this point has the traction of a broken down escalator and I can only see things getting worse for him in the short term.

Harriet Harman- Harman is alleged to be holding all female Shadow Cabinet meetings after  normal Shadow Cabinet meeting. Not only is this rather pointless if true, it would surely prove to divide the Shadow Cabinet yet further.

Gloria De Piero- De Piero put on one of the worst performances in Question Time history on Thursday night, not answering the questions and rigidly sticking to her party’s (imaginary) lines.

Gove vs. Harman…

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Another modern classic from Newsnight.

Good Week, Bad Week 26/06/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- The Prime Minister has had a rather uneventful week this week. A solid if  unspectacular outing at Prime Minister’s Questions, a partial victory over another Greek bailout and the announcement that operations in Libya have cost two hundred and fifty million pounds were the only real highlights. Cameron handled each of these situations well in his usual relaxed manner.

Ed Miliband- The Leader of the Opposition’s performance at Prime Minister’s Questions was yet again decent, although Labour supporters would hope he doesn’t keep using the same tactics every week of pressing the Prime Minister on a particular fact. This tactic as I have stated before can wear thin if used too often so Miliband needs to devise a different tack at Prime Minister’s Questions to avoid being labelled as a one dimensional leader. Miliband’s decision to scrap Shadow Cabinet elections is six months too late in my opinion. That said, this change should not really damage his leadership within the Labour party as the majority of the PLP seem to back the move away from having an elected Shadow Cabinet. Going forward, how Miliband deals with the proposed strikes this week could prove to be vital in his attempt to solidify his position as Labour leader.

William Hague- Hague was on top form this week talking tough and rocking his shades in the desert.

Bad Week

Nick Clegg- The Deputy Prime Minister’s bank share plan fell flat on it’s face this week. Giving every taxpayer in the land shares in rescued banks sounds like a great idea, but when you analyse the logistical nightmare that would ensue from such a scheme it seems a simple rebate may be a better idea.

Harriet Harman- Harman again this week floated her idea that a woman must hold one of the top two positions in the Labour party to no support from her party leader. This idea is bonkers on so many levels, especially the fact the Deputy Leader of the Labour party doesn’t really have a brief and it’s essentially a non-role. Back to the drawing board Harriet.

Ed Balls- Balls this week had to pay around one thousand pounds back to his constituency landlord after leaving his office in such a terrible state. Balls needs to clean up his act.


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