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Good Week, Bad Week 20/03/11…

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Good Week

David Cameron- Cameron has had a great week after a ropey Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday. The Prime Minister seems to have both the majority of public and the media on his side over the crisis in Libya after the UN passed a resolution enabling a no fly zone. If the military action in Libya is over quickly expect Cameron and his party’s popularity to rise steadily in the polls, if the military action in Libya isn’t over quickly however expect a decline in the polls as the British public compare the operation to that in Iraq twenty years ago.

Ed Miliband- Miliband has has a decent week with a creditable performance at Prime Minister’s Questions and his sensible support of the Government’s action in Libya. A worry for Miliband going forward has to be how the Libyan crisis effects the news agenda in the UK, with his party surely not getting as much time day to day to oppose/introduce policies as they would normally.

Hazel Blears- Blears stated on The Politics Show today “I think we could be pretty explicit about where we had plans to cut. We said we would cut the deficit by half in four years, and I think we should absolutely stick to that and be clearer about what that means”. This is a clear attack on the policy of Ed Balls and Ed Miliband of not saying where the cuts will fall- and a clear attack on those in the left of her party. I believe Labour will have to explicitly set out where at least some of the cuts will fall (especially on public services delivery) or risk losing support throughout the country. By raising this important issue I feel Blears has had a good week.

Alex Salmond- Salmond built on last week’s solid speech at his party conference with an exceptional showing in an ICM Poll this week. When asked “Who would you like to be the First Minister of Scotland?”, forty three percent of those who took part favoured the SNP leader, making a Labour victory in the Scottish Elections in May less of certainty than it was a month ago.

Bad Week

Nick Clegg- Clegg has had a bad week as he did not appear at his party’s “Yes To AV’ event on Friday due to the Libyan crisis. The Deputy Prime Minister needs to been seen as pushing as hard as possible for AV to be implemented as it may help his party stay in Coalition at the next election. Clegg has to be more assertive and stick his own party’s agenda in the coming weeks, no matter what the situation abroad is.

Iain Gray- Gray’s speech to his party conference received little attention yesterday and he ranked a poor third (behind Scottish Conservatives Leader Annabel Goldie) on just ten percent in the aforementioned ICM poll. Overall, a very poor week for the Scottish Leader.

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